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Thermometers and Temperature Controllers etc ..

The Thermometer is probably the most simple instruments to use in our ponds and tanks - it can be invaluable in maintaining any system and to give you the given temperature of your water ..

There are various forms of thermometers, from the very simple 'Hang-In-Pond' ones right up to the sophisticated Pond Temperature Controllers - which not only give you the temperature of the pond but can also control the pond temperature if used in conjunction with a heating unit such as a Boiler and Heat Exchanger ...

One of the most modern of all the Thermometers available today has to be this one we feature below ... this has Infrared laser technology .. and so simple to use that even a child can take an accurate temperature reading that you can rely on ..


8810 Infrared Thermometer


ETI Product

  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Built in Laser
  • -20 to +270 degree's C
  • D:S = 8:1
  • C/F Switchable
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Data Hold
  • Auto Power Off



SKU Description


ETI-8810 Infrared Thermometer 41.71 + Vat Order

TN2 Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

The TN2 infrared thermometer incorporates laser alignment. Simply aim the TN2 at the target and press the read button to display the surface temperature instantly over the range of -33 to 250C with a resolution of 0.1C/F (switchable).

The distance to target ratio is 6:1 and therefore the thermometer should be positioned as close to the target as practical without touching. The minimum target size is 25mm for accurate temperature measurement.

Each unit incorporates maximum and minimum temperature functions together with an auto power off facility that automatically turns the instrument off after 15 seconds, maximising battery life and a lock function for continuous temperature measurement.




TN2 infrared thermometer


-33 to 250C


0.1C or F (switchable)

infrared accuracy

2% of reading or 2C whichever is greater

field of view

target ratio 6:1


0.95 default - adjustable 0.01 to 1 emissivity


3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell

battery life

40 hours continuous use


custom LCD


18 x 50 x 100mm


62 grams


SKU Description


THE-433 TN2 Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer 35.70 + Vat Order

Digital Thermometer

A Very handy 'Digital' Thermometer which simply hangs on the side of the tank or pond - it has a probe which then just hangs in the water for an accurate reading. 

SKU Description


THE-425 Digital Thermometer 8.93 + Vat Order



Digital Thermometer

Larger Digital Thermometer - very easy to read and provides temperatures both Inside and Outside - this superb thermometer has a waterproof probe of course that simply hangs into the water of the pond or the tank .. 

SKU Description


THE-427 Digital Thermometer In/Out 13.99 + Vat Order
Floating Thermometer

A handy 'Floating' Thermometer which simply goes in the pond water


SKU Description


THE-450 Floating Thermometer 3.78 + Vat Order


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