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Water Care and Treatments:




A number of very dangerous pathogenic strains of bacteria like Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, E. coli, , etc. can cause catastrophic fish losses in ponds. This has created a strong demand for an effective preventive treatment that does not involve antibiotics, disinfectants, or any other sort of chemical products. A preventive treatment is intended to prevent infection, and assist in natural therapeutic recovery from disease infection.

Preventive treatment does not kill pathogens directly; it helps prevent and restrict their development. If pathogens get the opportunity to proliferate they can infect the least resistant fish. Good water quality reduces stress in fish and therefore reduces the risk of infection.

After extensive collaborative work with Kusuri Products, IET Aqua research have added such a product to their production program. Bacta-Pur® PRO-100 is formulated to help reduce harmful water borne bacteria. Bacta-Pur® PRO-100 contains the highest available concentration of natural beneficial bacteria. Every production batch is tested and guaranteed free of pathogens and dangerous chemicals.

This is a the highest concentrated formulation available (100 billion CFU per ml).

In opposition to other products of this kind there is no need to keep PRO-100 refrigerated.

PRO-100 is used as a preventative. The multiplying colonies of beneficial bacteria can out-compete harmful strains of pathogens, by consuming the nutrients that they require to survive and develop. Effectively, Bacta-Pur® PRO-100 reduces the numbers of pathogens by occupying their “living space” and replacing the harmful bacteria with beneficial ones.

PRO-100 can be used in any aquatic environment because it is absolutely harmless. It is recommended not to use UV or ozone equipment when starting the application for 1 week, and to aerate the pond.

DOSEAGE: 5mls per 1000ltrs (220 galls) add daily for 1 week,

Then after initial dose, add 10ml per 1000galls every five days

(Below 15c increase dose to 20 mls per application)

Product suitable for use at 4c upwards


Where postage charges are not shown on the final order - the appropriate charge will be applied but will be kept to a minimum


 Non Chemical Treatments - Parazoryne and Sabbactisun


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