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Water Care and Treatments:


Make your own very powerful Nitrifying bacteria, easy to make kit 2, year unused shelf life!

Filter starter / booster is a powerful easy to make " home culture" kit. Simply mix the powder and the solution together and 2 days later you have made a highly active live nitrifying liquid

Solution. Simply pour the solution over the filter media. Kusuri filter starter / booster kit cultures true live nitrifying bacteria from a dormant freeze dried state in to billions of starving beneficial bacteria ready to start converting waterborne pollutants Ammonia & Nitrite.
The kit can be made as and when required, it has a 2 year shelf life and be made in full or in portions.


It is critical that ponds are pollutant free as possible as Ammonia & Nitrite will rapidly cause fish health problems even low levels of Ammonia (1. 5 mg/l or above) can cause stress which leads to poor immune response, seriously effecting a fishes ability to fight disease infection.
Water quality is the key to successful pond keeping, and the importance of low level
pollutants cannot be overstated. Ulcerations, bacterial infections, wounds, will perpetuate if water quality is poor. Adding beneficial bacteria early in the season when feeding resumes, or when adding more stock & particularly after using chemicals in the pond will re-boost filters with vital Nitrifying bacteria. Adding good bacteria on a regular basis is very beneficial and a
powerful water quality management additive.


SKU Description



500ml size for ponds up to 5,000 gallons Price:

13.32 + Vat Order

1 litre size for ponds up to 10,000 gallons Price:

20.68 + Vat Order




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