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What Is Filter Start? Filter Start Dramatically accelerates the colonisation of nitrifying and denitifying bacteria required for correctly maturing your filters in easy to dose liquid form

What benefit does this have? Filter Start contains the correct balance of several groups of bacteria that are best suited to colonise a new sterile filter in conjunction with a stocked fish pond. This enables stable healthy water conditions to develop therefore a healthier environment for your fish.

By Maintaining your filter with the correct balance of beneficial bacteria, you help to ensure that your filter will nitrify to its optimum, (removal of ammonia and nitrite that fish excrete due to respiration and digestion). Phosphates and nitrates will also be reduced, (denitrification) which are the main food source for blanket weed and green water.

By maintaining and stabilising your water parameters, your fish suffer less stress, gill damage, injuries heal quicker and in severe cased fish losses are avoided. As the filters mature in time, and the pond finds its correct balance improved water clarity will occur.

Filter Start Dosage....

Initial Dose: 1 X 15ml Cap full of Filter Start for every 600ltrs/130Gallons of Pond Water. Filter Start should be mixed in a Clean Bucket (Not a bucket which has had any cleaning substances in etc) with a small amount of pond water. Once you have mixed the correct amount of Filter Start you can then pour this into the Biological stage of your filter.

Follow Up Dose: After one month of the initial dose you need to do a follow up dose. 1 X 15ml Cap full of Filter Start for every 1200ltrs/260Gallons of Pond Water.

You can repeat the follow up dose again after a further month if required.

Dosing Example: 5000 Gallon Pond. 5000 / 130 = 38.5. so you require 38.5 Cap full of Filter Start for initial Dose. Follow Up dose Is half the amount of filter Start as the Initial dose: 5000 / 260 = 19. 19 Cap full is required for the follow Up Dose.


SKU Description


EA-EFS-672 Evolution Aqua 250ml Filter Start £5.57 + Vat Order
EA-EFS-675 Evolution Aqua 500ml Filter Start £8.37 + Vat Order
EA-EFS-681 Evolution Aqua 1 Litre Filter Start £14.58 + Vat Order


Evolution Aqua Pond Pure.    Slow Release Bacteria Gel Balls

What is Pond Pure?

Pond Pure is a revolutionary way of kick starting and maintaining your filtration throughout the season by keeping it in ‘tip top’ condition.

Pond Pure are large pea shaped biodegradable balls… and shiny these squidgy little balls are crammed full of live bacteria. These bacteria are slowly released when they are needed the most. With over 8,000,000,000 bacteria per litre of Pure Pond Balls, your pond will flourish and ‘shine’ even more than normal. They will give you an even bigger benefit if you add them on a regular monthly basis into your filtration system – be it a Kaldness Moving bed or any other filter you may have, these balls will do the business…….

Easy and convenient to use, when you introduce the Pure Pond Balls into the biological chamber of your Nexus (or other filter) they become one with the moving bed, agitating alongside the K1 media. They will happily sit waiting to smooth out any peaks and troughs of the Ammonia/Nitrite Cycle, ensuring you even healthier, crystal clear water that really sparkles……

SKU Description


EA-EPP-255 Pure Pond Bacteria Gel Balls 500ml £7.11 + VAT Order
EA-EPP-261 Pure Pond Bacteria Gel Balls 1L £13.55 + VAT Order
EA-EPP-262 Pure Pond Bacteria Gel Balls 2L £20.97 + VAT Order
EA-EPB-180 Pure Pond Bomb £10.47 + VAT Order
    Pure Aquarium Version    
EA-EPA-150 Pure Aquarium 50 Ball £6.97 + VAT Order

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