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The Aquastar

The East Riding Koi Company's own WORLD exclusive product:

Today the Water Authorities produce water in the purest form - they remove many of the problems by introducing Chlorine to remove bacteria and they introduce many other products to ensure that the water we use from our taps poses no threat to Human Health .... and for that we must be grateful.

But...  this same 'High Quality' water is probably one of the deadliest substances to our valuable Koi.  The Chlorine that protects us is Poisonous to our Koi and the Nitrate levels contained in raw tap water can affect our Koi.


Now coming into it's Eighth Year -
and still the same price as we introduced it to the Koi World
at the National Koi Show in 1995


Below we have published just a few of the many testimonials to the effectiveness of the Aquastar ..  we have received permission from those customers to publish their comments and they have agreed to allow you to contact them individually for further comments and questions if there is any doubt in your minds that The Aquastar really does work and will do everything we say it will ..

Sept 2003


I purchased a Aquastar from you a few months ago after trying every other so called blanket weed killer and I must say that I was doubtful of success this time...... how wrong was I..............

Its all gone and now the horrible green stuff is now just a distant memory.

Its totally amazing..... thanks for supplying me with such a brilliant  device, now I can spend all my money on fish and food instead of wasting it on electro magnets, chemicals etc

 Regards -  Mike Powell

March 2000, Blanketweed started to appear - so on goes pod 1 to the Aquastar for just one week.
Result all blanket weed gone. Thanks Trevor, Roy Hicks, YORKSHIRE KOI SOCIETY.

24th Sept 1999: Once again I wish to let you know how pleased my brother in law and myself are with the Aquastar system. I work abroad and leave my wife in charge of the pond, last summer she spent most of her time cleaning out the blanket weed on a daily basis. This summer, thanks to the Aquastar, she seems to have a good tan !!!! so I guess that means no more cleaning out blanket weed and more time laying around. After reading September issue of KOI pond and gardens, and with no positive mention about the Aquastar, I will send them a mail letting them know about how it has changed our pond and my brother in laws.

Thank you again for a wonderful product ....

Mark Sargeant

Re Aquastar.

Thanks for the Aquastar which arrived safely a few weeks ago. Already we are seeing the vast difference it is making to our unit. The blanket weed which has always been a problem has almost gone and it is so nice to be able to view our pond-life without having to spend hours clearing the rotten stuff out every week. A marvellous product which I am now recommending to our friends and associates. Thanks again.

November  99, Dear Trevor, Once again another blanketweed free year thanks to the Aquastar, pod 1 used for 1week only. See you at Easter. (GREAT WEB SITE) Regards, Roy Hicks, Yorkshire Koi Society.


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