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DeChlorination Units ...

Chlorine harms fish
You DO NOT want it in YOUR pond!

Chlorine burns fish. It can damage their scales and gills and some severe circumstances it can kill.

Chlorine is added to drinking water in most parts of the world to kill bacteria. It therefore follows that if you fill or top up your pond you are adding chlorine to it and putting your fish at risk.

The equipment used to remove chlorine from water is called a dechlorinator. In simple terms a dechlorinator works by passing water through activated carbon and out into the pond providing chemically cleaner, chlorine free water.

The chlorine content in water varies from area to area and so there are no hard and fast rules as to how long the carbon will work before it is exhausted and needs to be changed, However, the life of the carbon can be prolonged by regularly back-flushing the unit (this should also be carried out before use the first time).

Water should be in contact with the carbon for approximately 4 minutes to enable it to absorb chlorine and any other impurities. If you know how fast you wish to fill your system you can work out what size dechlorinator to buy. Larger units contain more carbon and retain the water longer therefore enabling you to fill your pond faster.

The larger the unit the faster the fill.

The sizes and flow rates of our dechlorinators are listed below.
    • Small 12 Litre capacity (180 litres per hour) 26" high x 8" Diameter
    • Medium 20 Litre capacity (300 litres per hour) 39" high x 8" Diameter
    • Large 40 Litre capacity (600 litres per hour) 46" high x 9.5" Diameter

      All units supplied with Pre Filter (also available separately)

SKU Description


Dechlor-01 24" Dechlorinator Unit with Pre-Filter 149.27 + Vat Order
Dechlor-02 37" Dechlorinator Unit with Pre-Filter 214.27 + Vat Order
Dechlor-03 48" Dechlorinator Unit with Pre-Filter 317.58 + Vat Order
Dechlor-01-Refil 12ltrs Activated Carbon for 24" Dechlorinator 34.17 + Vat Order
Dechlor-02-Refil 20ltrs Activated Carbon for 37" Dechlorinator 54.72 + Vat Order
Dechlor-03-Refil 40ltrs Activated Carbon for 48" Dechlorinator 109.41 + Vat Order
Maintenance is easy, all you have to do is make sure that you change the carbon annually and the pre-filter element when necessary.

The GAC (granular activated carbon) refills are available from The East Riding Koi Co direct to your door .. and simple instructions to enable you to easily change the GAC will be enclosed with your refil...

Today it really is not worth taking the risk - these dechlorination units are modestly priced to make them accessible for most Koi and serious pond keepers .. and even the largest in the range of these dechlorination units is only the price of a nice koi ...  but you can be sure that your water will be far better than any pond that has fresh chlorine content...

If these dechlorination units are not possible for you to buy at the moment then dechlorinators can be purchased from us in liquid form and it is very easy to add that to the water in your pond .. see water treatments for information on those products ..

If you are still unsure then please contact us and we will try to answer any questions you may have ..


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