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The Automatic Aquastar

The East Riding Koi Company's own WORLD exclusive product:

For those of you who would prefer a
Backwashing system
it is now available !

Built to the same high quality specifications and exactly the same size vessels as the original Aquastar but incorporating the Automatic system - just connect the Aquastar to your water supply and - connect the special waste outlet as per instructions and set the frequency of 'Back flushing' required and you can almost forget about it ....

The Automatic Aquastar now comes with a special 'By Pass' valve fitted as standard ... This by pass valve is used when the Blanket weed has and is simply turned to off so that the incoming water then by-passes Column 1 and continues through the pre filter and then Columns 2 & 3 continuing to provide purified water into your system - when you top up...

The Automatic Aquastar

The 'AQUASTAR' is the ONLY answer !

The Aquastar not only helps purify the water and remove harmful products, it can also help remove traces of the following:

Chlorine The Aquastar Does It!

The AQUASTAR can also:

  • Help reduce water hardness.
  • Help to reduce Nitrate Levels above EPA
  • Absorb Vapors & Colloidal Solids
  • Help to remove E.Coli & Pseudomonas Bacteria.

All right many other Water Purifiers will do most of that -
- So what's special about the Aquastar ?

The 'AQUASTAR' will do what other
Water Purifier Manufacturers claim theirs will do
BUT - the 'AQUASTAR' goes much further !

Hydrogen The Aquastar Does It!
Sulphide The Aquastar Does It!
Iron The Aquastar Does It!
Lead The Aquastar Does It!
Cadmium The Aquastar Does It!
Aluminum The Aquastar Does It!
Other organic compounds The Aquastar Does It!

With it's first Column connected it will Remove the 'Scourge of every pond keeper' The dreaded 'BLANKET WEED' - it does not simply try to Control the growth of Blanket Weed...
It Completely Removes it !

The 'AQUASTAR' will completely remove practically all Traces of Blanket Weed between 10 to 28 days - larger systems may take a little longer - by following our simple written instructions that come with every system. 

Please note that cylinders 2 and 3 will still require Manually 'Back Washing' ... say ... every two months to ensure that your purification unit works to its full capabilities ...

Please note the time clock connects to a 220-240 volt supply - we can also supply it for 110 volts if required at the time of ordering.

Delivery within the U.K. Mainland 15.00

SKU Description


AQSAUTO-101 Automatic Aquastar 926.96 - + Vat Order


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