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Ultra Violet - Commercial Systems...

The East Riding Koi Co, can supply commercial filtration systems, based on tried and tested filtration technology .

We can supply complete filtration plants ready to connect to your system or individual filtration components to connect to existing set-ups.

Manufactured by Tropical Marine Centre who pioneered the development of UV cleansing systems and has manufactured them successfully since the late 1970s.

The 5000 series

TMC Commercial UV Sterilisers

TMC’s commercial UV sterilisers are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications and all units have the following benefits:-

Extremely rugged and designed to give maximum disease control by controlling undesirable pathogens.
Manufactured from a specially formulated ABS polymer which has an ultra low toxicity combined with high UV resistance. This means there is no risk of metal stabilisers leaching from the polymer which can be a problem in PVC units.


The 5000 Series (see photo at top of page)

This is a complete, revolutionary skid mounted unit suitable for 5000 litres volume (1100 gallons).

The system is supplied with the following:-

  • Mechanical bag pre-filter * Fluidised sand bed filter
  • Re-Gas/Bio-Tower * Protein Skimmer
  • P8 (240W) UV Steriliser * Reservoir
  • All filtration pumps, pipework and valves

Sand filters, bio-towers and protein skimmers are also available in either acrylic or polypropylene and optional extras include ozonisers, heating and cooling elements, flow meters and a full range of monitoring and control equipment for temperature, pH, redox and system level.

For smaller systems a System 2500 can be supplied, and for larger systems, multiple units can be used together.


SKU Description
TMCUV-7001-55 Floor Mounted 220 wt -  4 tube UV System
TMCUV-7001W-55 Wall Mounted  220 wt -  4 tube UV System
TMCUV-7002-55 Floor Mounted 330 wt -  6 tube UV System
TMCUV-7002W-55 Wall Mounted  330 wt -  6 tube UV System
TMCUV-7003-55 Floor Mounted 440 wt -  8 tube UV System
TMCUV-7006-55 Floor Mounted 550 wt - 10 tube UV System
TMCUV-7010-55 Floor Mounted 660 wt - 12 tube UV System
TMCUV-7011-55 Floor Mounted 880 wt - 16 tube UV System


For smaller ponds we recommend the Pro Clear range of UV pond clarifier please see details below.


Please contact us if we can help in any matter <sales@koicarp.net>