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Oase Bitron UVC Clarifiers....

Oase's Innovative UVC Technology has been designed to ensure consistent clear and healthy water. Unlike a standard UV Sterilizer the Bitron UVC Clarifiers effectively fight algae and reduce the number of pathogens

and bacteria in the ponds eco-system.


Automatic Cleaning Rotor

The cleaning rotor is continuously guided around the quartz sleeve by the water flow which prevents settling of debris.

Throttle Valve

Is fitted to enable you to regulate the flow past the UV lamp or through the bypass system.

Inspection Window

The Function of the UVC Lamp and cleaning rotor can be viewed through the fitted inspection window.

Sealing Technology

Quick-Lock for easy opening of the lamp housing without the need for tools.

Bitron C 36C 55C 72C 110C
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 600 X 180 X 198 731 X 216 X 201


Hose Connection 3/4" to 2"
Outlet X 2 1" to 1.5"
Operation Indicator

Inspection Window

Connection To

Biotec 12/18/30/36 & Proficlear Modular Filter

Max. Operating Pressure 0.5 Bar 1 Bar
Pump Performance Min 8000 l/h 12000 l/h
Pump Performance Max 30000 l/h 40000 l/h
Power Consumption W 36 55 72 110
Flow Through Without Bypass 4500 l/h 6500 l/h 9000 l/h 12000 l/h

SKU Description


56368-BITUV-036 Oase Bitron 36C - 56368 214.13 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)
56624-BITUV-055 Oase Bitron 55C - 56624 233.54 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)
56901-BITUV-072 Oase Bitron 72C - 56901 289.37 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)
56902-BITUV-110 Oase Bitron 110C - 56902 385.96 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)

We can supply all replacement bulbs and Quartz tubes for the Oase Bitron C, Please contact us for prices sales@koicarp.net

Carriage Charges will be applied to these Fragile Goods ... but will be kept to a minimum ..


Please contact us if we can help in any matter <sales@koicarp.net>