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About BIO-UV Group.....

The BIO-UV Group have specially designed a range of UV Sterilizer's for freshwater application. This range meets the most stringent requirements for both private (Fish ponds and Biological pools) and professional (Aquaculture, pisciculture and aquariums) use.

The BIO-UV Range has been 100% adapted for use on Fish ponds, particularly those ponds containing our friends, Koi Carp.








Water Treatment By Ultra Violet Rays....

About BIO-UV's......


BIO-UVs use high intensity sterilizing UV Lamps that have a radiation level of 25,000 micro Watt/Sec/cm2 which not only provides killing of microscopic algae but also kills of 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses including Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and Legionella. (Please note No UV Sterilizer can kill a parasite which is living physically on the fish, however parasites go through a stage called free floating this is where they are no longer living on the fish, it is at this point that the parasite will enter the sterilizer and elimination starts.)

BIO-UV Units have been manufactured in high quality stainless steel (316L) and have an unequalled performance at high flow rates. Unlike most other UV Units the Lamp housing has been designed with a 150mm diameter which ensures that all water which passes through the unit receives a minimum of 2 seconds exposed to the UV Rays when passing through the unit at the maximum recommended flow rate.

Benefits Of BIO-UV's......
  • Healthy Crystal Clear Water Guaranteed.....
  • Environmentally Friendly Systems.....
  • Simple Design For Ease Of Maintenance....Single-base lamps and patented sealing system....lamp change and cleaning of the quartz sheath very quick and simple...
  • Lamp operating indicator light for each lamp....
  • Very long lamp life...(13,000 hours on average, dependant upon the number of times the unit is switched on and off)...
  • Power in millijoules ensuring true efficiency right through to the end of the lamps' life and guaranteeing the effective destruction of un-desirable micro-organisms (Particularly certain viruses mentioned above).

BIO-UV Unit Inlet Size Outlet Size Maximum Pond Size Replacement Lamp
BIO-UV 10 50mm 50mm 3,600 Gallons BIO-UV 10 Lamp
BIO-UV 20 50mm 50mm 6,200 Gallons BIO-UV 20 Lamp
BIO-UV 30 63mm 63mm 10,000 Gallons BIO-UV 30 Lamp
BIO-UV 40 75mm 75mm 14,000 Gallons BIO-UV 40 Lamp
SKU Replacement Tube Description


BIO-UV-10 BIO-UV 10 Sterilizer Suitable for ponds up to 3,600 Gallons P.O.A.
BIO-UV-20 BIO-UV 20 Sterilizer Suitable for ponds up to 6,200 Gallons P.O.A.
BIO-UV-30 BIO-UV 30 Sterilizer Suitable for ponds up to 10,000 Gallons P.O.A.
BIO-UV-40 BIO-UV 40 Sterilizer Suitable for ponds up to 14,000 Gallons P.O.A.
UVB-BIOUV-10 BIO-UV 10 Sterilizer Replacement Lamp P.O.A.
UVB-BIOUV-20 BIO-UV 20 Sterilizer Replacement Lamp P.O.A.
UVB-BIOUV-30 BIO-UV 30 Sterilizer Replacement Lamp P.O.A.
UVB-BIOUV-40 BIO-UV 40 Sterilizer Replacement Lamp P.O.A.

Carriage Charges will be applied to these Fragile Goods ... but will be kept to a minimum ..


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