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MultiCyclone....Pre-filter of the Future.....

MultiCyclone is a pre-filtration unit created by Waterco, also known for producing some of the best pool filtration available on today's market such as the Cartridge filter/Water polisher and the Lacron Sand filters, because of the success with these products we are in no doubt that the new MultiCyclone is another great product that will sit up there on the top shelf with other great pool equipment available in today's market.


What Is The MulitCyclone and How Does It Work?.....

The MultiCyclone has been created for use as a pre-filtration device which is designed to reduce filter maintenance and help to save water. MultiCyclone's have been designed on a one time purchase theory, (Theory as this is not guaranteed). The units work on a centrifugal water filtration basis, and have no moving parts to wear and tear and the unit requires no media.





Centrifugal Filtration......

  • Water enters 16 hydro cyclones tangentially which generates a strong centrifugal affect.
  • The sediment is then spun out to the hydro cyclones wall where it then spirals down to the sediment bowl.
  • The filtered water migrates towards the centre of the hydro cyclone where the flow then reverses and spirals upwards through the outlet.
  • Accumulation of the sediment can easily be monitored through the clear sediment bowl.
  • The MultiCyclone is then cleaned efficiently and easily using the sediment surge valve. The MultiCyclone only uses 15ltrs of water to cleanse the unit.

SKU Description


MCY-400 MultiCyclone MC12 - 1 1/2" 199.45 + Vat Order
MCY-401 MultiCyclone MC16 - 2" 262.89 + Vat Order
MCY-415 MultiCyclone Plus MC12 c/w Cartridge - 1 1/2" 305.24 + Vat Order
MCY-422 MultiCyclone Plus MC16 c/w Cartridge - 2" 368.70 + Vat Order
MCY-402 Stand For MultiCyclone Pre Filter Unit 67.20 + Vat Order





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