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ERK  -  Pool Supplies

AQUAMITE  -  External Pump Range   

The Aquamite pump is cost effective and efficient to run, due to its simple yet innovative state of the art design it’s easy to operate and maintain.

It is engineered with a one piece moulded plastic body/single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength.



The pumps impeller and diffuser design maximises the hydraulic output while minimising water turbulence. Because of the Aquamite’s efficient hydraulic performance this shortens run times and therefore in turn reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs for you the user.

The Aquamite has five pumps in the extensive range and the differing parameters on offer make it suitable to be used on anything from swimming pools, small recirculation systems including ponds to small water features.


Features at a Glance:

1/         One Piece Moulded Body

2/         Simplistic Operation

3/         Super Quiet

4/         Strong Durable and Non Corrosive

5/         Transparent Lid

6/         Efficient Impellor and Diffuser Design





Pmax kW


Total length

Total Length

Motor Frame

Flow Rate Qmax



































SKU Description


AQM-633 Aquamite 0.33HP (2,712g) £217.85 + Vat Order
AQM-650 Aquamite 0.50HP (3,456g) £228.56 + Vat Order
AQM-675 Aquamite 0.75HP (4,032g) £237.03 + Vat Order
AQM-710 Aquamite 1.00HP (4,752g) £254.62 + Vat Order
AQM-725 Aquamite 1.25HP (5,328g) £257.12 + Vat Order





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