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ERK  -  Pool Supplies

Certikin Skimmers

These skimmer boxes can be built into the walls of a concrete pond. But can be used with a pond liner and the special kit to secure the skimmer box is an optional extra - see below.


Certikin Surface Skimmer

Skimmer Adaptor Kit

Certikin Surface Skimmer - concrete

Certikin Liner Adaptor Kit

Wide Angled Extension Throat

Parallel Extension Throat

Wide Angled Extension Throat - concrete

Certikin Parallel Extension Throat - concrete


SKU Description


HD100SN 95.76 + Vat Order
HD100N 95.76 + Vat Order
SKM-203 30.24 + Vat Order
SKM-202 24.06 + Vat Order
SKM-204 37.80 + Vat Order
SKM-201 22.47 + Vat Order
SKM-206 20.37 + Vat Order





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