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THE "ZIPPY" - Fish Transporter Units ..


The Zippy - the innovative and highly successful fish transporting system

Moving Fish can be a time consuming and difficult experience for you and a stressful one for your fish.

Here is a simple way to improve the whole process. Whether it is taking koi to an annual show, bringing new purchases home or just transporting them to your new house.

The Zippy makes the whole process simple. This easy to store tank can be assembled in seconds and is ready to use. Half fill with water that the fish are currently swimming in (not fresh tap water) and prepare for a stress free move.

Once your fish are loaded and the 'zipable' cover is closed the can enjoy the luxury of being transported safely in a greater volume of water than any boxed fish could. Your fish cannot damage themselves against the liner unlike rigid tanks. Coupled with this they are not in a sealed environment which means there could be high levels of gaseous exchange.

There is no need to worry about where to obtain heavy and cumbersome oxygen cylinders. When using an air pump connected to the vehicles 12 volt supply via an inverter, the heavy aeration will ensure constant high levels of oxygen together with carbon dioxide and ammonia being driven off. The Inverter allows a normal 2 pin plug to be powered from the car battery.

These Transporters are superbly made and can be manufactured to any size you need to enable this unit to fit into the back of your car or van.

Makes the job of transporting your fish to and from the Koi Shows a lot easier and of course it is safer for the Koi and gives you, the owner more peace of mind that everything is alright in the back and your Koi will arrive in top condition ..

The Zip cover ensures that the water cannot slop over the sides, as it would with other tubs that may be used for the transportation of your Koi ... and keeps all the water in the transporter - regardless of the terrain.

Any water that may find its way onto the top of the closed cover will stay within the structure due to the cleverly designed recessed top. The water will then drain back into the tank ensuring that your vehicle stays dry ...

Transporters, not dissimilar to these have been used in Japan and the Aquatic Industry now for many years ... but those tend to be very bulky and of course heavy - whereas when you have finished with the Zippy - it simply takes apart and folds away for easy storage until it is used again ..

The Zippy can of course be also used as an emergency tank, or a quarantine or medication tank .. so the Zippy does have other very useful purposes and will prove to be worth its salt and the initial outlay ..

The Zippy can be manufactured to fit your vehicle and you will never have to worry about polythene bags and boxes again. The 'zipable' cover keeps in both the water and the fish, regardless of terrain and enables easy access. It is assembled in the same manner as other pools available in the range, and a 1.5" slide valve kit is available to control draining the tank.

For a quotation please contact us with the measurements to fit your vehicle. We do recommend a distance of at least 15cm from the water surface to the rim of the tank. A complete aeration kit (20 ltrs per minute air pump, the Inverter, a 75cm air diffuser and 5 mtrs of 8mm airline is available if required at 150.00 ...

You can contact us on email and it would be helpful if you could sketch out the back of the vehicle giving the dimensions so that we are able to give you an accurate quotation on a tank that would be ideal for your vehicle ..


Zippy offroad!

As a guide only we can give you a couple of examples of the price you would expect to have to pay for a transporter of a similar size ...

A Transporter with a size guide of say 75cm x 65cm x 40cm would cost you in the region of 250.00 including delivery and Vat if applicable .. UK mainland only ..

A Transporter at the other end of the scale which is the approximate size of the Quad Show Vat at 1.25 mtrs square x 80 cm deep would cost in the region of 350 including delivery on the UK mainland and Vat ..

The approximate lead-in time for your Zippy to be manufactured for you and delivered to your door is about 3 weeks ..  so please allow plenty of time as we are not able to shorten this waiting period ..


Please contact us if we can help in any matter <>