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Show Vats and Pools:

The Aquosis range of Portable Show Vats & Pools, are undoubtedly the best we have been able to locate and can recommend these to our customers with full confidence that they will get years of pleasure and use from them.

We are sure that if you are looking for a temporary pool or wish to have a Quarantine set-up .. then you are sure to find one in this vast range to suit you.

These Show Vats and pools are remarkably easy to erect and the material used is totally robust and no other manufacturer, as far as we are aware, produces such a superb frame connection section..

They have no sharp parts that can cut or damage the liners, and they will give you years of service and are of course fully guaranteed.

The Actual framework is exceptionally strong and the photo above shows a section thru the main support rail ...  when erected it will stand your own weight ..






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