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Sight Glass Sections ....

Invaluable in use and will save gallons and gallons of water ...

Enables you to see what you are discharging to waste ...

Now have come up with something that will save you just wasting hundred's of gallons of good mature water every time you flush out your filtration system -

- because you cannot see the water in the pipes that run to your discharge system or sewer ...

Easy to fit and more important - easy to clean .... Our completely new 'Sight Glass' section that you can now include in any 2" or 1.5" Pressure pipe - and we can supply the reducing bushes if you are using Black Solvent Weld Pipe ....         These sight glasses are approximately 12 inches long

OK the sight feed sections are nothing new - we have been using them in our larger systems now for over 10 years .. but until now it was extremely hard to get hold of these that would fit the 2" or 1.5" waste pipe systems ... But not any more .. The East Riding Koi Company are now having these made exclusively for us and we are now able to offer these to our valued customers and web site visitors ...

These have been especially made using 'D' mount unions to enable the removal of the clear section for cleaning if and when it is necessary of the best accessories that you will ever buy and will save you wasting good pond water and of course over a short space of time these will save you 's off your water bills ...

SKU Description


PVC-325 1.5 inch Sight Glass including the Unions 30.31 + Vat
PVC-327 2 inch  Sight Glass  including the Unions

35.25 + Vat


Postage and Packing on the UK mainland just 10.00 inc Vat in UK
Overseas shipping charges will be notified and invoiced separately prior to shipping of order.





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