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Reducing Sleeves & Hose Tails:

These Sleeves, or inserts as many people call them, are to reduce the internal sizes of a particular pipe to enable a slightly smaller pipe to fit the connection, whether that connection is to a socket, bend or some other fitting - they should, of course, be solvent welded into place prior to the actual pipe connection being made....

Reducing Sleeves
SKU Description


SLE-101 1- Reducer Sleeve (Pressure Pipe to Waste)

0.53 + Vat

SLE-102 2 Reducer Sleeve (Pressure Pipe to Waste) 0.75 + Vat Order
SLE-103 3 Reducer Sleeve (Pressure Pipe to Waste) 1.54 + Vat Order
SLE-104 4 Reducer Sleeve (Pressure Pipe to Waste) 1.96 + Vat Order


Black Solvent Weld Hose Tails
SKU Description


HOS-101 Black Hose tail Solvent (Black) 1- inch 1.28 + Vat Order
HOS-112 Clear Hose tail Solvent (Clear) 1- inch 1.85 + Vat Order
HOS-201 Black Threaded 1.5" Hosetail 1.60 + Vat Order

The Hosetails above are "Stepped"  &  fits flexible hose from 3/4" to 1.5"

If using HOS-101 or HOS-112 with the grey PVC pressure Pipework or white ABS then you will need to also use one of our Reducing Sleeves - SLE-101 (see above)

UV hosetails can go brittle.

These multistage universal hosetails are often used on ultraviolet units when used in conjunction with 'flexi hose' they come with their own 'O' ring and are available in three different sizes.

BSP,  1 BSP,  1   BSP



Replacement UV Hosetail Connectors


UV-H-5249A UV Hosetail 3/4" BSP -  1 x 3/4 x 1/2"  (pair) 3.49 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)
UV-H-5249B UV Hosetail 1" BSP -    1 1/4 x 1 x 3/4" (pair) 3.49 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)
UV-H-5249C UV Hosetail 1 1/2" BSP -  1 1/2 x 1 1/14 x 1"  (pair) 5.39 + Vat order_button.gif (510 bytes)

Black Solvent Weld 2" Multipurpose Hosetail

This handy hosetail will take:-

At the hosetail end
2" flexi (50mm) hose or 40mm Solvent weld waste pipe (43mm)

At the threaded end
1 1/2" F/T or 2" solvent weld (56mm), so will also fit
 2" PVC pressure pipe with a SLE-102 listed above

SKU Description


HOS-222 2" (50mm) Solvent Hosetail with 1 1/2" F/T

2.34 + Vat


Hosetails: 1 1/2" White ABS

SKU Description


ABS-15/PH 1.5" Plain Hosetail 0.89 + Vat Order
ABS-15/TH 1.5" Male Threaded Hosetail 1.07 + Vat Order

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