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Plumbing - Pipe work and Fittings

We carry an extensive range of pipe work and ancillary fittings - including 'Slide Valves' and 'Ball Valves' etc.....

Please note that most carriers have, or are about to introduce, a new policy covering the sending of pipe, of all description, using their service ..  and this new policy has to do with the maximum lengths that they will now carry on our behalf - the upper limit has been set to 2.5mtrs in length...

This of course means that we are having to adjust our pipe lengths accordingly and adjust the prices to reflect this new maximum lengths of 2.5mtrs

Pipe work on any system is extremely important - sadly, all too often ...some Koi Enthusiasts, having spent hours if not weeks and months constructing their own 'Ideal Dream Pond ' and having spent far more than they originally thought, and probably are fed up of all the hard work and can't wait to see their ponds burst into life .....cut corners and opt for pipe work that just is not up to the job required of it ! Remember it is far easier, and cheaper, in the long-term to use the correct pipe work for the job !

Whether you are using 1" - 2" - 3" - 4" or even 6" pipe work - then wherever possible always use 'Solvent Welded' joints and of sufficient strength to cope with the loading that you are going to put on it ?


When asked about certain brands of 'Push-On' pipe work and fittings ! We have a Simple Answer - anything that you can 'Push Together' the Water Pressure Can, and Does, 'Push Apart' ..... And this type of jointed pipe work is not any cheaper than similar pipe work with 'Solvent Welded' joints and certainly is not as strong ! ....

We have quite extensive stocks of pipe work and would be pleased to advise you on the type of pipe work you require for a particular job if you are unsure -please email or phone us - advice is free at The East Riding Koi Co.

The most popular of all the Black Solvent Weld Pipe is available direct from us in either 3 or 4 meter lengths -and we also have a excellent range of fitting to suit this pipe .. it is capable of withstanding moderate pressure when using it for the return pipe work from your pumps etc ... and is a big saving on the alternative which, of course, is pressure pipe .. but please bear in mind the type of application that you are wishing to do before deciding which pipe work to use ...

Without doubt more and more Koi and pond enthusiasts are turning to using the White ABS and the Grey Pressure Pipe (PVC) pipe and fittings .. and this is something that we wholeheartedly welcome .. mistakes made in pipe work in the initial stages are sometimes very hard to correct, or perform repairs to .. so by using these types of pipe work and fittings you can be sure that the installation is going to be sound and, hopefully, trouble free ..

The prices of the White ABS and the Grey PVC have come down so much over the past few years, especially with now with the wide use of the Internet .. so using good high quality pipework and fittings is even far more accessible, far less expensive, and far better a proposition than it used to be ..

Friendly Word of Warning

Whatever you do when fitting all your pipe work together ... do not 'cut-corners' and a very useful tip to remember is - when you are working out what pipe work runs you need and start to put it all together .. DO NOT SOLVENT WELD THEM AT THIS POINT... fit all the joints, fittings, or whatever, together DRY .. and using a pencil mark each fitting etc so that when you do apply the Solvent Cement, and remember this stuff has 'no mercy' .. you will be able to set the joint correctly following your pencil marks .. and when you have done that joint 'mark-it' again with a tick until you have completed every joint .. and if you do this in a methodical system then you will not miss that important one that is sure to blow once you switch the pumps on .. as very often happens and I have to admit has happened to me on more than one occasion I am sorry to say .. but non of us are perfect .. although I do try to come close !!




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