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OASE Pumps


Promax 20000 & 30000 Submersible Pumps

To look at this pump on a glance you will see that it looks almost identical to the Oase Aquamax Eco pumps...However open up the pump housing and you will be faced with not one but two actual pump motors in their....

Each Pump motor can be individually controlled and you don't have to have them both running at the same time...

Each motor can be controlled by the remote control which is supplied with the pump, this helps you to control the flow rate required depending on the application you are using the pump for.

  Oase have designed the Promax pump to be used on Filtration systems, water courses and waterfalls, and with their inlet and outlet they can also be used for pond floor filtration combined with a skimmer.

Alternatively you can connect the Satellite strainer onto the 2nd inlet to help cover a larger surface area of polluted waters on the ponds floor.



Promax 20000 Promax 30000
Dimensions (mm) 380 x 330 x 230 380 x 330 x 230
Recommended hose size 1½" - 2" 1 ½" - 2"
Voltage 230V  50hz 230V  50hz
Power consumption 335 watts 500 watts
Turnover rate max. 334 lpm / 20000 lph 430 lpm / 25800 lph
Head of water max. 3.4 m 5.0 m
Delivery side G2 ½" G2 ½"
Suction side G1 ½" G1 ½"
Strainer surface 1300 cm² 1300 cm²
Weight with 10m cable 7.5 8.0
Connection cable 10 10
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