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The Oase Pond-Jet...

The Oase Pond-Jet is a floating fountain pump which creates decorative water displays which can be achieved quickly. Like many of the other fountain pumps that are available today the Pond-jet is not only usable on dependency of the waters depth or the cleanliness of the base of the pond, neither of these two factors determine if this pump is suitable for your pond. For this reason the Pond-Jet is proving popular particularly for people who already have established ponds, and for locations where perhaps an event is been held, the fast and easy installation and removal makes the Pond-Jet ideal for creating a special feature for that special moment.

The Oase Pond-Jet comes as a ready to connect complete fountain unit consisting of Pump, Float body and the multi functional fountain nozzle - There are currently 4 Nozzle attachments available which can be used with the Pond-Jet these are the Vulkan 37-2,5k which has a height of 400cm, Schaumsprudler 35-10E which has a height of 140cm, the Lava 36-10k with a height of 95cm and the Calyx 36-10K Which as a height if 70cm.

The minimum water level for the Pond-jet in Clear water is 1m, for those with a dirty pond base then we suggest a gap of 1.5m from the surface to the base of the pond, this is so the pump doesn't pull dirt through....Green fountain water!

Outdoor living is now becoming very popular and the Pond-Jet is the ideal piece of equipment to help you create that relaxing, blissful ambiance in your garden not only during the day but on a night also. The float body which is supplied with the Pond-Jet has three "Cup" sections which allow for the attachment of Oase Pond Lighting so you can enjoy your water feature all day through, what we would refer to as retro fitted.

Dimensions 670x540mm
Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption 270 Watts
Turnover Rate Max 200l/min - 12000l/hr
Max Head Height 7.7 meters
Outlet Size 1"
Fountain Height 3m
Strainer Surface 650cm2
Weight 9kg
Connection Cable Length 20 meters

Click Here To View the Pump Performance Curve for the Pond-Jet

Fountain Nozzles For Oase Pond-Jet....

Lava 36-10K Particularly suitable for restricted areas.

Vulkan 37-2,5K   37 Jets, 3 steps, 2.5mm jet diameter

Flower Calyx 70cm High Fountain.

Schaumsprudler 35-10E, 140cm High Fountain

SKU Description


57075-Pond-Jet 612.77 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
52319-Vulkan-3-2,5K 21.73 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
50984-Schau-35-10E 40.35 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
52318-Lava-36-10K 21.73 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
50923-Calyx-36-10K 13.00 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
57083-Lightset-Pondjet 285.95 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish

The 'NEW' PROFIMAX- a new breed of Pump from Oase ..

These Top Class Filtration and Watercourse/Fall pumps get any amount of water moving...

Either for designing impressive watercourses and waterfalls for new, exclusive garden landscapes, or for powerful displacement of pond water to the filtration system.

  • Course debris particles up to 8mm in size are displaced with no problems
  • Outstanding displacement capacity
  • Enormous stability and a handle that is aligned to the pump's centre of gravity
  • Fully capable of over wintering, even if the pond completely freezes over
  • Can be conveniently controlled electronically in conjunction with the FM Profi-Master (not available in the UK)

All Profimax Pumps can be used submersed and dry installed below the water surface level.

Model Numbers
Profimax 20000
Profimax 30000
Profimax 40000

SKU Description


56873 565.21 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
56874 652.17 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
56875 765.21 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish