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Nautilus 350 & 450 Fountain Pumps....

The Nautilus fountain pumps have been part of the Oase Range for many years, and the facts that they are easy to maintain, convenient in operation unequalled fountain pump service life.



The Nautilus Fountain pumps have numerous qualities that make them so attractive to today's market.
  • The side mounted wings which are attached to the body of the Nautilus offer an over-proportioned filter surface.
  • The filter wings can alternatively be removed from the pump body and attached to the supplied adaptor and placed at the side of the pond.
  • Complete with a second individually controllable outlet ( 1/2"-1").
  • Individual Alignment of the fountain through the the supplied telescopic extension pipe and 150 ball joint.
  • 1-3 Nozzle patterns, depending on the model.
  • All Nautilus Pumps come complete with integrated spotlight holder as standard for the possible addition of the Lunaqua 3 Solo.
  • You can also fix the Nautilus pump into place with the mounting holes provided.
  • Each pump is supplied with one fountain nozzle in the set, others can be purchased separately.

The supplied filter wings can alternatively be placed on the supplied adaptor at the edge of the pond.

Flow rate and fountain height can be adjusted from the pond edge via the regulator on the adaptor.

Nautilus 350 450
Dimensions LxWxH

280 x 230 x 200


220-240 V / 50Hz

Power Consumption W 135 Watts 260 Watts
Turnover Rate Max l/m 133 l/min 200 l/min
Turnover Rate Max h/hr 8000 l/hr 12000 l/hr
Max Head Height m 5.0 m 7.5 m
Nozzles Supplied


Outlet Size Inch 1.25"
Hose Connection 2nd Outlet 1.25"
Strainer Surface cm2 1745cm2

5.5 kg

Connection Cable

10 m