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ITT Industries HydroAir (Marlow) AG Series Pumps


AG Series Pumps

The latest in the ITT Marlow Range of superb
pumps are the AG series:


A new generation of Argonaut Pumps is specifically designed for above ground use - Easy installation and whisper quite running are it's keynote features. The AG series offers a range of four pumps in one modern compact body with 63 frame motor. The pumps has two 21/4" BSP external threaded ports and is supplied with 1.5" unions.

Enhanced inspection capability is provided by the magnifying effect of the clear domed strainer lid, with a new easily removable design and a separate lid removal tool. The pump includes an integral mounting foot, fine mesh 1.8 ltr strainer basket, high grade Carbon Graphite/ceramic seal assembly and 63 frame IP55 motor. The AG series carries a full 1 year guarantee and has the European Keymark approval and is CE marked by ITT Marlow

The AG series of ITT pump are of the same high quality as the EC range. The AG pumps are of plastic construction with 316 stainless steel shaft. The pump is fitted with an integral basket filter strainer. The AG pumps have been designed to be very efficient.
The pumps are suitable for use in both freshwater and marine systems.

Some of the important features of the pumps are given below, however please contact us for more details and information.

  • corrosion resistant modern compact design
  • polypropylene tank high chemical resistance
  • self priming to 3 metres, once primed the suction lift is up to 7 metres
  • very efficient, high water flow for low power consumption
  • continuously rated - silent running
  • very reliable pump, will give many years of trouble free use
  • integral inlet filter basket
  • high pressure easy screw on filter cover
  • 1.5" BSP thread on both inlet and outlet
  • easy maintenance/seal replacement (you can do it yourself - if we can get hold of them that is !!) 
SKU Description Rate


ITT-AG8 2250 gph 227.50 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
ITT-AG10 2580 gph 234.00 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
ITT-AG14 3240 gph 240.50 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
ITT-AG16 3850 gph 266.50 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish

Download Full Specifications for the ITT HydroAir AG Series Pumps
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