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Water Pumps

Submersible Pumps

First of all a submersible pump is a water pump that is totally submerged under water, these normally have a completely sealed unit to prevent water ingress for 

safety reasons ... the body of the submersible pump should not under any circumstances ever be tampered with because a fault has developed with the pump - please bear this in mind at all times if you either have, or considering purchasing a new submersible pump.

That said:

There are a great many submersible pumps on the world market - and when we are first considering building a pond, whether this is a State of Art Koi pond, or perhaps just a small garden pond to have as an attractive water feature, then our minds go towards having a submersible pump.

Submersible pumps, of course may seem the easiest and only way to go ... and in many cases that of course would be the way ...  but you must first of all consider what you are hoping to achieve depending on whether your pond is just going to be a small garden feature, or you are proposing a large pond, with perhaps a waterfall like Niagara falls.

We have tried to present for you a good selection of these submersible pumps for you to choose from - please click on the links to the various manufacturers we list

OASE Submersible Pumps

Other manufacturers


Having looked at the Submersible Pumps and if you are still undecided, or with to know
more about the other types of pumps - then please visit those listed on the links
below - the Dry Surface and the Dual Purpose pumps