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Water Pumps

Dual Purpose Pumps

The Dual Purpose Pump, as its name implies, can be used as both a Submersible Pump and also as a Dry Surface Pump.

There are a few pumps that fall into this category and we list them on our page - many you may have looked at under the category of the Submersible Pumps .. but failed to realise that these can be converted reasonably easy to work as a Dry Surface Pump, which is very often an advantage in many respects ...

The first one we have is probably the most popular of them all 'The Aquamax' from Oase - all models in the Aquamax, with the exception of the 2,000, are dual purpose and all that is required is for you to simply remove the case, which is normally used as the filter, or strainer, for the pump when it is being used as a Submersible Pump.  

The case of the Aquamax is very easily removed by taking out just a single self tapping screw that holds the top section of the case to the bottom section, and then just prise off the top from the retaining clips and you then can remove the pump completely from the case.


  The photograph on the left shows the pump with the top section of the case removed - just prior to lifting the pump clear of the case - as simple as ABC ..  and the photo right shows the Aquamax pump completely removed  - note the threaded connections the ones we recommend which are the 1.5" female threaded / plain connectors which you will find in our  plumbing - pipe section of our web.

Under no circumstances should you ever tamper with the cable connection to the Aquamax (or any other submersible pump for that matter) as these are factory sealed and guaranteed to be water proof - always make sure if you are intending to cut the 10 mtrs of cable that is supplied with every Aquamax pump when it leaves the factory, that you do leave plenty of cable as jointing cable is not a recommended practice, so please do try to avoid doing this at all cost.

Once you have removed the case you will notice that both the inlet and outlet connections on the Aquamax are 1.5" BSP male threads - and to enable you to use this pump as a Dry Surface pump, all that you need are 2 x Female / Plain Threaded Connectors which are available from us in both White ABS and PVC pressure pipe which can then easily be connected to 1.5" hard pipe if you are using such - if you are using the popular black Polypipe, or similar in 40mm then you will also need to have one of our 1.5" - 40mm reducing sleeves ... If you are using flexible hose then you may also need to have a plain stepped hose tail which can be solvent welded into the reducing sleeve the same as used for the Polypipe.

To save you going back to our Featured Aquamax Page, and providing you are familiar with the pumps specifications, you can if you wish choose the Aquamax model you wish to have and buy this from the links below.

SKU Click on descriptions Rate


Aqua-035 85.10 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
AQUA-4000   - 56594  93.58 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
AQUA-6000   - 56598 119.85 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
AQUA-8000   - 56602 169.95 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
AQUA-12000 - 56606 199.99 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
AQUA-16000 - 56610 235.40 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish

We will try as soon as possible to feature the other Dual Purpose pump we have to offer you which is also a very popular pump - The Nautilus ... please bear with us as we do have quite a lot of work to do on this new web site that we have not had time to complete...