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Water Pumps

Dry Surface Pumps

The name 'Dry Surface Pump' should be self explanatory .. but to avoid accidents or confusion we will try to clarify this definition of a Dry Surface Pump.

A Dry Surface Pump is one that must under no circumstances ever be submerged or stood in water - to do so may have disastrous results and may cause injury or perhaps even worse.

All Dry Surface Pumps should be placed on firm dry level ground where there is no possibility of water, or rain, from splashing on to the pump especially the electrical connections to these pumps - we cannot stress this enough and remember that Electricity and Water do not mix... protect yourself and anyone else that may come in contact with this equipment that you must fully accept responsibility for .... If you are in any doubt - then for goodness sake call in a qualified electrician.

That said:

There are a great many Dry Surface pumps on the world market - and when we are all first considering building a pond, whether this is a State of Art Koi pond, or perhaps just a small garden pond to have as an attractive water feature, then our minds go towards what sort of a pump will be needed and if you decide on a Dry Surface Pump then there are some excellent pumps available and we are pleased to be able our customers the very best available - pumps we have tried and tested and which we know will give years of use if not abused.

The size of the Dry Surface Pump you will need depends on what you are hoping to achieve and the overall volume of water that you are wishing to move ... and whether your pond is just going to be a small garden feature, or you are proposing a large pond, with perhaps an added feature such as a waterfall like Niagara falls.

We have tried to present for you a good selection of these submersible pumps for you to choose from - please click on the links to the various manufacturers we list

Dry Surface Pumps You Can Trust...