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FILTERTECH - Solids Handling Pump ... 


These 'No Frills' Quality Solids Handling Pump - made in Germany - the obvious choice for the Koi Keeper and the Pond Enthusiast alike .. .

These now fit in very nicely with the Aquamax and fill in where models in the Aquamax range have been discontinued ... like the 5,500 and the 10,000 - plus there are two more in the range of these superb Filtertech SHP available ...

One of the real assets these SHP have, apart of course being able to handle solids up to 8mm - is the fact that these can be used as a Dry Surface Pump ... just remove from the case and you have two connectors, the inlet and outlet - both are male thread 1.5" BSP and will connect direct to your pipework using the appropriate fittings, which of course we do have available at all times ...


  • Suitable for both Dry and Wet installations
  • Perfect for gravity fed or pump fed systems
  • Universal designed filter pump that handles solids up to 8mm
  • Very low maintenance - clog free design
  • Proven asynchronous motor returning a 10 times longer life that traditional drainage pumps - therefore saving up to 75% on running costs !
  • Very high output makes the Filtertech SHP Ideal for waterfalls and streams
  • Maximum flow up to 9,000 ltr dependent upon model chosen
  • 1.5" BSP make thread on both inlet and outlet
  • Easy carrying handle


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