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Blagdon Pumps


For many years Blagdon Amphibious Pumps have proved themselves as the first name for quality, reliability and performance. The unique disc motor works on a magnetic drive and has only one moving part, the impellor, which runs on a bearing, which also has a lifetime guarantee. 

This design helps to keep maintenance and running costs to an absolute minimum, allowing us to confidently guarantee every Amphibious for three years.

Choosing the Right Pump for your Application

The flow rate and head performance figures are shown in the diagram below. These are maximum performance figures supplied by the manufacturer, obtained at zero head without the strainer, T-piece or jet attached. This complies with BS5316 performance testing for mass produced pumps. (NOTE: Head equals vertical distance between the water surface and the top of the waterfall).


Models P2000- P3500 may be used non submerged if required. They need to be housed in a well-ventilated waterproof enclosure and you will further need:

An Amphibious Non submersible kit A non-return valve. (Both readily obtained from our stores.)

Models P8000 to P9000 have 1.25" male thread outlets to accept a suitable female hose tail or a Combined ornament / waterfall kit. All Amphibious pumps come with 10metres of cable. Spare parts are also obtainable on most of the range.



Another Superb Submersible Pump - not from Blagdon - but from Aquarline ..



These Submersible Pumps are superb and will do the job you expect - and the best part is that these are low priced .. and have a 2 year guarantee ...

We are carry two in the range and the first one is the Aquapond 2500S - Which is capable of pumping up to 2500 ltrs per hour at 3.2mtr head - the second is the 4500S capable of pumping 4,500 ltrs per hour at a head of 4.6mtrs ...

For a great pump with a 2 year guarantee the Aquapond may be the pump for you ...


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