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Water Course Elements from Oase....

Water Course Tips...
  • Location of the watercourse. A watercourse is always best situated in the shade, this is so that the natural heat from the sun does not heat the water excessively. Many bank plants will also provide shade when planted at the watercourse edge.
  • Water Movement. Once you have decided on the watercourse you need to make sure you get the correct pump to create the right affect. There would be nothing more disappointing than having a magnificent water course and turning the pump on to see a trickle of water creeping down the course. The Oase Aquamax Range Of pumps are ideal for watercourses, which pump specifically would depend on many factors...One important factor is the width of the watercourse.

Max ca 35cm Width

Aquamax Eco 4000

Max ca 55cm Width

Aquamax Eco 6000
Max ca 80cm Width

Aquamax 8000
Max ca 110cm Width

Aquamax 12000
Max ca 130cm Width

Aquamax 16000

 Once you have the watercourse width it is recommended you use the formula

Watercourse Width (cm) X 1.5 l/min = capacity per l/min

You will also need to consider the hose size which is best suited depending on the distance and height you need to pump the water to the start of the water course.

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