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Oase Skimmers - Aquaskim 40

These skimmers have been designed to sit on either the floor of the pond or placed on a Rock or shelf so that the top rim, which is a floating rim, is just below the water level ..

The Special Tray seen at the bottom of the skimmer - this is to enable you to weight it down using Rocks etc to prevent the skimmer floating or being knocked

The skimmer should be powered with a pump in the Aquamax range which is attached to the stepped hose tail which can be seen on the skimmer ..

These skimmers are ideal for the smaller garden pond system...


The Photo on the right shows the Oase Skimmer set up and working and this is how your Oase Skimmer should look when it is working - and it is a simple matter, providing you have placed the skimmer where you can reach it.

Just remove the top collecting tray and empty the gathered debris and leaves etc ..  clean it and simply replace and your skimmer will be working again for you ..


SKU Description


56907 £55.99+ Vat Order

There is nothing more frustrating after spending all that money on your filtration system than to have leaves and other debris floating about in your pond………..

Leaves, pollen and other algae nutrients get into the pond water via the surface. Oase skimmers powerfully and effectively extract these annoying dirt particles from the surface, collecting them in the basket. This way, dirt and debris can be safely and quickly removed from the pond ecosystem before problems can occur from these pollutants…… 

Product characteristics at a glance:

* Noticeable improvement in water quality and a clear view into the water due to the reduction of nutrients.

* These skimmers are suitable for ponds with a surface area of 25m2.

* They have a powerful drive with a 2500lt re-circulating pump.

* Includes an oxygen injector and pump for oxygen supply to the pond.

* A fine sponge for mechanical-biological filtration.

* The pond is kept ice-free around the SwimSkim 25 due to water movement and oxygen circulation.

* Enables the quick and easy removal of course debris from the pond due to the handy removable collection basket. 

* This skimmer automatically adapts to every water level.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 332 x 297 x 250mm
Power consumption (pump)   40w
Filter basket volume 0.91
Pond surface max. 


Max. water level differences unlimited
Pump capacity 2500 l/h
Cable length


Guarantee  2 years
SKU Description


oase-57384 £75.03 + Vat Order


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Please note: A surface skimmer can be used completely independently from the main filtration system - but it does still require the water to be passed through a filter of some sort ... and this of course will depend on the surface area of the pond and the pump being used...

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