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Sealants and Adhesives

The most important part when selecting any sealant - whether it is the clear Silicone Sealant or any other type of sealant is to remember that it should be 'non toxic' ... especially if you are sealing round pipe work which will be in close contact with the pond water ... this of course includes the water held in the filtration system ..

Naturally we stock only the sealants and adhesives that we know are pond safe ... which of course are going to cost more than the sealants you can buy from the local D.I.Y. store etc ...

The Silicone we have is clear and comes in the tubes which will fit any of the normal size frame guns available .. and it is just a matter of popping the new tube of silicone into the gun - and applying it to where you need it ...

Try where possible to 'tool' it once it is applied .. this is done normally, although we should not do so, by wetting your finger and then wiping gently over the joint which smoothes it out when it can then cure and form a good seal, as well as look a respectable job also ..

We also stock a Polyurethane Sealant which is ideal for sealing round the bottom drains and pipe work, if you are using a pond liner .. it not only seals the joint it is also an adhesive so it really does stick to both surfaces ... this can also be 'tooled' in the same manner as the clear.

All silicone and adhesives should, where possible, be allowed to cure for 24 hours before being submersed in water...


Polyflex Sealant (Black) General Purpose Sealer and Adhesive

A moisture hardened sealant. A sealer with strong adhesion but always remaining flexible under all conditions. Capable of sealing seams and joints and bonding to wood, brick, cement rendering and rigid plastics. Polyflex will also seal around pipe work and bottom drains. When liners are tucked into brickwork it forms an excellent sealant since it allows for movement. Polyflex is supplied in a cartridge and is easily applied with a mastic gun or similar application tool.
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SEA-112 £7.04 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish

Bonda Glass Fibre Repair Kit

This is the perfect material for repairs and crack to fibreglass ponds. The kit contains all the necessary materials to complete such an operation. At times special modifications are required for situations of making a collar around overflows and drains and this repair kit can provide those alterations with ease. Once the repaired surface is complete and hardened the finished laminate can be sanded and shaped accordingly.

price plus £4.25 + Vat carriage on UK mainland

Bonda Glass
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PSE-416 £15.82 + Vat Order

Glass Fibre Reinforced Filler

One of the most useful 'tins of power' you can have ... very good and useful for sealing round pipes and bottom drains etc in a concrete constructed pond
...Hardens off within 1 hour...

price plus £4.25 + Vat carriage on UK mainland

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PSE-417 £8.76 + Vat Order


The ERK Repair Range...Now Available...

We have managed to locate a fantastic, and I really do mean a 'fantastic' New Range of repair remedies from sealants to tapes .. 

The Underwater Sealant....

This sealant is not just good - it is remarkable and it will seal everything and everything .. it will stick anything to anything and I do mean everything ..  stainless steel to stainless steel (no welding necessary) .. it will stick steel to plastic, plastic to wood .. wood to stone... stone to plastic ... stone to steel .. and what's more 'IT CAN BE USED UNDER WATER' ... Yes actually underwater .. and this is the most amazing thing about this truly remarkable product ..  imagine being able to seal any leak without having to drain the pond - or even an Olympic size swimming pool ..  and further more it is completely safe for the fish or any other pond life ...

No longer need you worry about sealing that Pond liner and installing a Bottom Drain ... use this remarkable sealant and it will never leak ... in fact you would have to break the bottom drain to be able to remove it ...  no longer will you need to use liner tape or anything else ...  seal round any pipework - repair instantly a cut in the liner below the water level ...  if you can reach it then you can seal it .... without any worries whatsoever ..

It can even be used in the Construction Industry ...  believe me there has never been anything like this product available anywhere until now .. and it is available NOW from us direct ...

The Recommended Retail Price for this amazing sealant is £24.95 inc Vat .. for the 290ml size 

**Now Available In Clear**
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ERK-Sealer-001 ERK - Underwater Sealant (Black) - 290mls £12.99 + Vat Order
ERK-Sealer-002 ERK - Underwater Sealant (Clear) - 290mls £12.99 + Vat Order


Just as the name suggests you can now bond almost any material together even under water with this handy 75ml ‘ONE – SHOT’ gun. It will give an instant repair to almost any surface around the pond and also the home………..

  • It can be used for dry or wet application on:

  • Butyl Rubber

  • Vinyl

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Ceramic

  • Stone

  • Concrete

  • Wood etc………..the list is almost endless………….

When only a small repair is needed this 75ml tube with it’s own easy to use gun applicator is an ideal amount, no wasted leftovers to be stored in the garden shed………

Professionals swear by it and amateurs just love it because it is just so easy to use……..

It will bond to an ultra strong hold - curing time is approximately 24 hours.

SKU Description Price Order
ERK-Oneshot-75ml 75ml Tube One Shot (Black)

£7.99 + Vat

ERK-Oneshot-W-75ml 75ml Tube One Shot (Clear)

£7.99 + Vat


Solvent Cleaner


SKU Description


PCL-125 125ml Solvent Cleaner £3.12 + Vat
PCL-250 250ml Solvent Cleaner £5.99 + Vat
PCL-500 500ml Solvent Cleaner £7.99 + Vat
PCL-1000 1L Solvent Cleaner

£9.78 + Vat


Pipe Repair Tape...

Pipe Repair Tape is a unique way of forming a strong self sealing rubber bonded repair……

Just stretch the tape around the area to be sealed and it will make short work of repairing those annoying leaks that can spring seemingly from no where. This is a product that is a real ‘must’ as a stand by in your tool box………

This easy to use tape is so versatile it will even mend your car exhaust!!!!

The tape seems very normal in it’s first appearance but you will be amazed, once the tape has been applied to the required area and left for a few hours it’s appearance will be like a tight band of rubber, this is caused by the tapes exposure to the air….

SKU Description Price Order
ERK-RepairTape-Roll Roll Of ERK Repair Tape

£5.25 + Vat

New To The Range...Pond Liner Patches....

This handy little piece of kit is one which should always be kept in the garden shed as a 'Just In Case' solution.....

These easy to use pond liner patches are made from top grade liner and are available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small is approximately the size of a sheet of A5 Paper
  • Medium is approximately the size of a price of A4 Paper
  • Large is approximately the size of a piece of A3 Paper

Packaged in a small blister pack you simply open them out and you can then use the ERK Sealer to adhere the patch onto your affected area which needs repairing in the pond.


SKU Description Price Order
ERK-PLP-Small ERK Pond Liner Patch - Small £1.66 + Vat


ERK-PLP-Medium ERK Pond Liner Patch - Medium £2.51 + Vat


ERK-PLP-Large ERK Pond Liner Patch - Large £4.21 + Vat


Cartridge Gun

A sealer & adhesive Cartridge Gun....

Often referred to as a Skeleton Gun........



SEA-134 £4.28 + Vat Order

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