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Pre-formed Inlet Sections

Our new pre-formed Inlet returns which you can now build into the walls of your pond - to give you a perfect flow return of your water as it re-enters the pond ...

These New specially manufactured Inlet sections are made using strong and robust PVC and the joint which is set on a slanted angle is hand welded to provide you with a perfect return to your pond without any protrusions at all which can, and do often cause, severe wounds on the Koi and other fish - but using one of these new Pre- Formed Inlets your inlet return will be flush with the pond walls ...




PFI-0005 Pre-formed Inlet Sections -  90% Straight 20.00 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
PFI-0001 20.00 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish

The 45% ones shown in the photographs are primarily for use with a concrete construction - 
but we also have ones available which can be used with a liner and are supplied with a clamping plate to secure the liner in position. Stainless steel screws are available separately just in case you need these also..........


PFI-0006 Pre-formed Inlet Sections for use with liner 90% Straight 30.00 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
PFI-0002 30.00 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
ERK-SS-fixings Stainless Steel screws for use with liner plates 1.05 + Vat


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