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We now have a very useful and comprehensive starter kit which is designed to give you a pretty good chance of repairing the damage. 

One or two questions you should ask yourself,

Is the problem you have just a 'One Off' isolated wound or ulcer ? 

Do other Koi show signs of ulcers etc ?

If so please - please - please, be quite sure that your water quality is good.

Most ulcers that 'break-out' on Koi, and fail to heal naturally are normally a result of an underlying water quality issue. Poor water quality will severely delay any healing process especially if Ammonia or Nitrite is high.

This topical kit can be used at any temperature any time of the year, although it must be pointed out that the wound will heal quicker if the water temperature is above 14c (60f) Do not be put off if you cannot achieve that temperature a the time of the required treatment, keeping the wound clean and free of pathogenic bacterial at any temperature has to be better than leaving it and just hoping it will get better .. because the chances of this happening without your help is remote ...

  This fully comprehensive boxed kit is supplied with the following:-
  1. 1 x 150ml of Masuizia Anesthetic
  2. 1 x 100ml Wound pre-cleaner spray
  3. 1 x 100ml Mercurochrome anti--bacterial penetrating spray
  4. 1 x 100ml Spare spray bottle
  5. 1 x 50 grams of Orahesive sealer powder
  6. 1 x 50 mil sealer spray
  7. 1 x pair surgical gloves
  8. 10 x 6" cotton bud applicators
  9. Comprehensive step by step instructions
SKU Description


KSCMK-001 Complete 8 Piece Medical Kit

 £36.32 + Vat

  • 'Masuizia' is a ready to use anesthetic - full instructions are sent with each bottle available in 2 sizes:
  • Surgical Kit which is supplied in a zipper wallet and contains tweezers, scalpel blade holder, 2 x scalpel blades, radius scissors, butterfly probe, single inspection probe
  • Top Quality Stainless Steel scissors with 1 point and 1 blunt end - 125mm in length. Very sharp and ideal for trimming fins, scales etc.
  • Forceps locking scissors - Top Quality Stainless Steel surgical instrument, ideal for the removal or pulling of dead or badly damaged scales prior to applying topical treatment ...

SKU Description


K-SED1 Koi Sedate - Masuizia Anesthetic 250ml  £12.19 + Vat Order
K-SED3 Koi Sedate - Masuizia Anesthetic 125ml £7.30 + Vat Order
KSK-001 Kusuri Surgical Kit £30.94 + Vat Order
K-SC-01 Surgical Scissors £4.21 + Vat Order
K-SF-01 Surgical Forceps £4.21 + Vat Order
K-Mag-01 Magnifying Tweezers £4.21 + Vat Order
SLIDE-MIC-151 Box Microscope / 50 Slides £4.38 + Vat Order
SLIPS-MIC-152 Box Microscope / 100 Cover Slips £3.20 + Vat Order

Postage Chares will apply on all single items - but will be kept to a minimum

Single Optical

  Four Different Object Lens
  LED Illuminated Style

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MIC-122 Microscope Single Optical
Four Different Object Lens; LED Illuminated Style

 £147.00 + Vat


Magnifying Tweezers .. a very handy piece of equipment, a small pair of tweezers with a magnifying glass mounted above for close up work, useful for picking off those visible parasites..



Super Weighing Scales - accurate from 1 gram up to 500 gram - Illuminated readout digital display ...

These scales are probably the most compact - easy to use - and accurate that we have seen for a long time ...

Well worth every penny and of course essential to the serious Koi keeper.

NEVER GUESS How much Medications to use to treat your problems .... otherwise it could be fatal for your Koi and other pond life ...


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DigiWeigh DigiWeigh Scales - essential equipment  £37.99+ Vat Order

Some Handy Spares.................

How often when doing routine maintenance or treating our fish do we wish that we had that oddity piece of equipment? Usually something simple just to make doing the job in hand easier…….

More often than not it isn’t really apparent that the object we are lacking goes along with the hobby but is one of those ‘comes in useful’ items that you wish you had always had in your kit bag.

Make measuring and transferring small amounts of liquid simple by having a pre marked 20ml polyethylene syringe.


A 250ml directional bottle, these are simply squeezed to dispense the contents and provide controlled delivery via the angled none drip spout that will deliver either a single drop or fine stream of liquid.


6” low lint Swabs. Soft and highly absorbent, 100% pure pharmaceutical grade with bleached white cotton head.

Set of Four Tweezers

Stainless Steel
Wash Bottle

Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene
Pharmaceutical grade, bleached white cotton swabs.

Heads are bonded to six inch white birch applicator for extra rigidity.

6" Long

Pack of 100


SKU Description


TWE-501 Stainless Steel - 4 Piece Tweezer Set  £8.62 + Vat Order
WB-250 High Density Polyethylene - Wash Bottle 250ml £7.52 + Vat Order
BCS-6/100 6" Long - Bleached White Cotton swabs - 100 pack £6.79 + Vat Order


20ml Measuring Syringe

Ideal for measuring out koi treatments from 1 - 20ml


SKU Description


SYRINGE-20ml 20ml Measuring Syringe £2.78 + Vat Order

You May Need to consider the products listed below if you are putting a Medical Chest together..

Injection Syringes:

  • 1.0 ml insulin syringe with 29 gauge 12mm length needle complete. Supplied in sealed sterile packet ready for use.

Latex disposable gloves

  • Lightly powdered, class 1 medical product.  For your personal safety & and health always use gloves when handling chemicals

SKU Description


K-IS-01 Syringes - pack of 5 £4.76 + Vat Order
K-BD-01 Surgical Gloves (box 100) £8.67 + Vat Order

Postage Charges will apply on all single items - but will be kept to a minimum

Be Sure to see the New Non Chemical Treatments - Parazoryne and Sabbactisun


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