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Medications and Treatments:

TREATING YOUR KOI - New Non chemical treatments from N.T. Labs


Formally marketed by Kusuri Products Ltd. Sabbactisun has now been re-assessed, re-appointed to N.T. Labs, Re packaged and Re-Launched!!

What Is Sabbactisun Produced From?

Is a unique natural remedy against bacterial infections in fish.  Sabbactisun enhances the immune system of the fish without any risk of resistance as with antibiotics and chemicals.

Sabbactisun IS NOT AN ANTI- BACTERICIDE! It is harmless to all nitrifying filter bacteria, and all aquatic plants, Sabbactisun is rapidly biodegradable. Sabbactisun is so safe it has been thoroughly tested on very sensitive aquatic creatures even shrimps & fry. Sabbactisun works by expelling external pathogens from the host and stimulating the immune response system

When Should You Use Sabbactisun?

For best results use Sabbactisun in hospital/ quarantine arrangement, water temperature is critical to successful treatment and 72f (22c) is recommended.

  • Curing the inflammation / wound.

The blood red Colour will gradually change to light pink or white. This will take depending on the severity of the ulcer between 5 to 20 days. Dose daily until the ulcers have changed to light pink / white.

  • Regeneration of the missing tissue.

Because fish are cold blooded creatures, tissue regeneration has a direct correlation to the water temperature and again will be dependent on the severity of the damage and this can take from 2- 6 weeks. Dose every other day until the wound is healed. (Dosing daily can speed repair) Little tissue repair will occur if water temperature is below 65F (18c)

How Should You Use Sabbactisun?

A 500ml bottle contains enough to treat 10 applications of 5000 litres.




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