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Medications and Treatments:

N.T. Labs - 'Parazoryne'

Formally marketed by Kusuri Products Ltd. Parazoryne has now been re-assessed, re-appointed to N.T. Labs, Re packaged and Re-Launched!!

What Is Parazoryne Produced From?

Parazoryne is made only from organically grown plant and herbal extracts.Parazoryne is totally chemical free environment friendly and 100% non-invasive to any tank or pond eco-system. Parazoryne is harmless to all nitrifying filter bacteria, and all aquatic plants, Parazoryne is rapidly biodegradable. Parazoryne is so safe it has been thoroughly tested on very sensitive aquatic creatures even shrimp & fry.

So What Is Parazoryne?

Parazoryne is a truly revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of microscopic parasitic infestations on Koi, cold water, tropical fresh & brackish water fish.

When Should You Use Parazoryne?

Parazoryne should be used when fish are observed rubbing on sides of pond, gasping at the water surface and are generally lethargic or covered in slime/fungus.

How Should You Use Parazoryne?

A 500ml bottle contains enough to treat 10 applications of 5000 litres.

General Rules Of Care….

  • Switch off all absorbing or reduction equipment like UV sterilizers, algae magnets, protein skimmers, ozone generators, remove any carbon and or Zeolite from filters. Keep biological filters operational as normal.
  • Shake well be for using! Pour measured quantity into several liters of pond / tank water and distribute evenly around pond / treatment tank.
  • Check water conditions before and during use - especially pH, Nitrite and Ammonia – poor water conditions will not help recovery and may cause sickness.
  • Always apply when you have plenty of time to observe fish.




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