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Medications and Treatments:

Requirements Part 1


As we have already mentioned, it is really essential that you do have a selection of good bowls - from the small 18" diameter ones up to perhaps, depending on the size of your largest Koi, 28" or 31".

Bowls should always be cleaned out thoroughly after use and remember to do this every time .. it is no use grabbing a dirty and possibly contaminated bowl when you urgently need one as you will not have time to clean it before you put this in use again .. So it is another good rule to bear in mind .. clean the bowls ..

SKU Description


BOW-120  Blue Bowl 20" x 9" deep 10.50 + Vat Order
BOW-122  Blue Bowl 22" x 10" deep 11.53 + Vat Order
BOW-124  Blue Bowl 24" x 10" deep 14.05 + Vat Order
BOW-128  Blue Bowl 28" x 12" deep  with 100 Litre Measure 21.79 + Vat Order
BOW-180  Blue Bowl 31" x 15"  deep 41.93 + Vat Order
BOW-228  GM Round Bowl - Heavy Duty 28 x 15-inch 36.31 + Vat Order
BOW-132  Elasticized Net for GM 28" x 15" Bowl 15.68 + Vat Order
BOW-390  Flexi Pop Up Bowl - 35" with Handy Storage Bag 40.58 + Vat Order
BOW-412  Flexi Pop Up Bowl - 47" with Handy Storage Bag 55.98 + Vat Order
  This Floating Retaining Net has many advantages over the floating basket - it is soft and can't damage the Koi inside - and like the Floating Basket the water flows through it changing it all the time .. it has its own zip top cover to prevent the Koi from jumping out ....

The one in the photograph is 24" diameter


SKU Description


KNE-224 24-inch Floating Retainer Net

 25.20 + Vat

KNE-232 32-inch Floating Retainer Net 37.59 + Vat Order
KNE-242 42-inch Floating Retainer Net 49.21 + Vat Order
This is a very useful bowl for measuring the Koi.
This has a permanent measure in both inches and cm, fused into the fibre Glass bowl

Also useful for photographing your Koi, especially good for keeping a record of each Koi and their size at the time of photographing them

SKU Description


BOW-103 Koi Measuring Tank
106cm (41") x 35cm (13") x 27" (10")
115.44 + Vat Order
BOW-108 Elasticated Cover Net for - 41" x 13"x 10" 19.60 + Vat Order
BOW-107 Koi Measuring Tank
106m (41") x 52cm (20") x 40cm (15")
167.58 + Vat Order
BOW-109 Elasticated Cover Net for - 41" x 20" x 15" 23.80 + Vat Order

Requirements Continued

Be Sure to see the New Non Chemical Treatments - Parazoryne and Sabbactisun


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