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Kusuri Medications and Treatments Page 2:

Kusuri medications
are supplied in anti tamper containers or bottles with built in measures where appropriate. 

All liquid preparations are manufactured fresh on a regular basis ensuring effectiveness, using only de-ionized water & high quality B.P. laboratory grade materials. All Kusuri preparations are true % formulations.

There is a wide range of medications available.  Please call if you require any help selecting or require assistance on treatments.
Koi Sedate - Masuizia Anesthetic

Kusuri's own full sedation formulation very safe to use! A ready to use preparation.

Masuizia does not contain any harmful acetone. Full easy to use instructions on every bottle.

Starting dose 10 ml to 2 gallons of pond water in suitable bowl.
For use at any temperature.

SKU Description


K-SED1 Koi Sedate - Masuizia Anesthetic 250ml  12.19 + Vat Order
K-SED3 Koi Sedate - Masuizia Anesthetic 150ml 7.30 + Vat Order



Anti Bacterial Wound  An excellent medication containing the highest quality iodine for the treatment of raised scales, abrasions, ulcers etc. this formulation is a high penetration topical preparation. (not for pond wide use) Mercurochrome has been around for many years and is till used in many parts of the world as a human medication. In a pond water based products wash off giving little benefit. Our Special penetrating formulation will be absorbed into the surface layers of tissue killing bad Bacteria in the ulcer aiding the healing process. For use at any temperature.

SKU Description


Anti-Bac Anti bacterial ulcer wound penetrating 9.89 + Vat Order
Orahesive powder.

Is a super wound covering for use on ulcers, etc. the powder adheres to mucous membranes, open wounds.

The powder forms a film coating over the wound on contact with liquid.

Unlike creams that tend fall off in a big lump. Orahesive powder creates a thin coat that can stay in place for up to 24 hours.

SKU Description


Orahesive Orahesive powder - 25 gram tube 6.42 + Vat Order



Wound sealer

Is a liquid sealer with anti - bactericide. It can be used independently or as an additional covering over the top of orahesive powder.

Use as a final coating over Treated wounds and split fins etc

SKU Description


Sealer Spray Wound Sealer Spray - 50 ml 8.72 + Vat Order

A common name for products that remove Chlorine and heavy metals from mains public water sources. Chlorine burns gills and is very detrimental to good bacteria.

Use dechlorinator to remove Chlorine & Chloramines on any water changes or new systems. Kusuri dechlorinator works almost instantly.

Dosage 10 ml per 100 gallons of new water can be used at any temperature.

SKU Description


Dechlor 250mls Dechlorinator  250mls 6.33 + Vat Order
Dechlor 500mls Dechlorinator  500mls 10.12 + Vat Order
Dechlor 1ltr Dechlorinator  1 liter 17.71 + Vat Order

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