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Kusuri Medications and Treatments Page 1:

Kusuri medications are supplied in anti tamper containers or bottles with built in measures where appropriate. 

All liquid preparations are manufactured fresh on a regular basis ensuring effectiveness, using only de-ionized water & high quality B.P. laboratory grade materials. All Kusuri preparations are true % formulations.

There is a wide range of medications available.  Please call if you require any help selecting or require assistance on treatments.

This medication is a liquid preparation, a general anti-bacterial useful for the Treatment of fungus and external bacterial infections.

Acriflavin is reported to help in the
reduction of minor viral infections It can be used safely in salted ponds.

Acriflavin can be also be used as a bath treatment. Dosage: 10mls to 100 gallons. For use above 11c (55f).
SKU Description


Acreflavine 500mls Acriflavin 500mls £13.25 + Vat Order
Malachite green 2%

Malachite can be used for the treatment of many parasitic infestations,
When used with Formalin.

Malachite can be used on its own with salt as a bath treatment.
Mixing Malachite with Formalin is effective at treating most other microscopic parasites.

For use above 10c (50f) typical dosage 50 ml to 880 gallons.

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Malcachite 250mls Malachite Green  250mls £9.54 + Vat Order
Malcachite 500ml Malachite Green 500mls £13.25+ Vat Order
Formalin 30%


Formalin is a very active chemical and is best used with Malachite for the effective treatment of most single cell parasites including white spot, costia, and some fluke Infestations.

We do not recommend the use of Formalin with any salt in solution. For use above 10c (50f) dosage 75mls per 1000 gallons .

The normal course is 3 treatments 5- 7 days apart.

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Formalin 250mls Formalin 250mls £9.54 + Vat Order
Formalin 500mls Formalin  500mls £13.25 + Vat  Order

Fluke - M

As a lot of you out there may be aware due to new EEC rulings certain products that would happily treat your treasured Koi have been withdrawn from the market – either due to the ingredients they contain, size of packaging or because of the extortionate fees charged by the EEC to gain a licence for these products – which of course would cause some manufacturers extreme difficulty.

Manufacturer Licence Number SAM0002


KUSURI have now brought out a brand new product for the treatment of Gill and Body Flukes, this product is also suitable to treat Argulus (fish lice) and intestinal helminthes which can be very difficult to eradicate without specific medication.

FLUKE M is a Veterinary Medication and is based on Flubendazole which is highly efficient against skin,body and gill flukes – the beauty  of this treatment is that it can be used at any temperature, so even at the end or beginning of the year unlike most medications that will not work below at least 10 degrees C – this one WILL.

It can be use to treat all cold water ornamental fish.

Unlike most treatments there is no need to turn off your UV system. Although it is advisable to turn off Protein Skimmers for a minimum of 24 hours – as ofcourse the skimmer will just extract the medication from the water.

FLUKE M comes in a 65g sachet that will treat 5500 gallons of pond water.

Dosage: 11.8g per 1000 gallons.
FLUKE M is designed as a ‘one off’ treatment. Your pond may require a second dose after 7 days if the pond is heavily infested however. Although we would recommend a scrape and microscope identification prior to a second application.

One word of warning though this product will kill water snails.

SKU Description


Fluke-M-65 Fluke - M  65 grams £21.21 + Vat Order
Chloramine T


Is a powdered product an effective broad spectrum chemical for lowering bacteria in ponds. At higher dose rates it can be used for skin / gill flukes, white spot, costia etc.

Commonly used as a pond wide treatment. Typical Dosages: 5 grams per 1000 gallons as an anti- bacterial or 15-20 grams per 1000 gallons as an anti parasite treatment (4 doses required).
Chloramine T can be used as a bathe treatment. For use above 11.5°c (55°f) We only supply A very high laboratory grade product.

SKU Description


Chlor-T-100 Chloramine T 100 grams £14.24 + Vat Order
Chlor-T-250 Chloramine T 250 grams £23.21 + Vat Order
Potassium Permanganate.


Another popular powdered chemical for various applications. A good disinfectant for ponds and nets. Excellent for the eradication of Tricodina & Costia and other parasites.

It will discolor water for up to 7 days. Dosage 6.8 grams per 1000 gallons.

We supply a very fine crystalline grade imported from the USA. Which is far easier to dissolve.

SKU Description


PP-250 Potassium Permanganate 250 grams £11.67 + Vat Order

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