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Medications and Treatments:


THE EAST RIDING KOI Co are proud to be able to offer this Unique Product now to our valued customers with the kind permission of 'Genesyz UK Ltd'



A new revolutionary product discovery
For the real Koi Enthusiast and Hobbyist alike

Genesyz has changed the way we even think !


GENESYZ - What is Genesyz ?

Aeromonas is a big problem in all forms of aquaculture be it in a goldfish pond, Koi pond or a commercial fish farm.
A highly respected American Aquaculture company have been
solving the same problem in commercial fish farms for years and now through a unique initiative the solution that has revolutionized the aquaculture industry's available to Koi and pond Keepers in the UK. 

The new product is called GenesyzÖ, it contains no chemicals, no medications and no antibiotics of any kind. It is a proprietary, internationally patented organic preparation of non-pathogenic proprietary bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrients and it works on the established principle of an accepted scientific process widely known in commercial livestock management called competitive exclusion ...

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Dosage Rates:

The GenesyzÖ dosing protocol requires an initial dose, a consolidation dose and then weekly maintenance doses. These dose levels vary with temperature which are indicated below, we have also prepared the table below to give you an approximate cost for a full year treatment.

The standard GenesyzÖ dose rate is 25mls per 1000 gallons at water temps over 68 ║F (20 ║C). Following the protocol below:

1) Initial dose - 25 ml per 1000 gallons for three doses, one every three days.
2) Consolidation Dose - 25 ml per 1000 gallons one dose per week for two weeks.
3) Maintenance Dose - 12.5 ml per 1000 gallons every week.

The dosage rates for Genesyz varies with temperature so you need to increase the dose based on the following guidelines:

1) For cooler water temperature in the ranges 50 ║F (10 ║C) to 62 ║F (14 ║C) - double the dose. 
2) For medium water temperatures in the ranges 63 ║F (15 ║C) to 68 ║F (20 ║C) - 1.5 times the dose.

What Does it Cost:

So what is the cost of this magic potion I hear you all squeal? Well one thing is for sure, it is cheaper than replacing dead Koi, but the price of eradicating the threat of Aeromonas in your pond depends on the size of your pond but the table below indicates how much you need for the size of your pond and the annual cost. I think any reasonable person would conclude that f,240 to treat a 5000 gallon pond for the entire year, which incidentally is less than the price of a single Koi, is a fair price to pay.

Pond Size
in UK gallons


Approx Genesyz


500 gallons


500 ml (1.2 litre


1000 gallons


1000 ml (1 litre)


2500 gallons


2000 ml (2 litres)


5000 gallons


5000 ml (5 litres)


7500 gallons


7500 ml (7.5 litres)


10000 gallons


10000 ml (10 litres)


* GenesyzÖ dose rates are based on water temperatures - the lower the temperature the more GenesyzÖ required and vice versa. The total amount of GenesyzÖ required will vary from area to area, pond to pond and the levels of Aeromonas present so the above prices are an approximate guide only and calculated based on average UK water temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions - click here

The bottom line is simply the question - if you have a 6000 gallon Koi pond is it worth under 3OO a year to minimize the risk posed by one of the biggest Koi killers? One final thought while you may think "it'll never happen to me", "my pond is fine," GenesyzÖ for good Koi Keepers, is really a form of insurance, and like all insurance while none of us like paying for it, if or when the unthinkable does happen and we really do need it we are usually glad we had it!!

Based on the dramatic success of GenesyzÖ and the experiences of Koi and pond keepers all over the USA it's clear that GenesyzÖ is one of the most important products ever to emerge in fish keeping. 

Ordering a bottle a Genesyz has never been easier.

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