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KOI HEALTH & Medications:


Probably one of the most overlooked - but vitally important pieces of Equipment that is essential if you are really wishing to learn, and be able to cope, with the fascinating, if not sometimes frustrating hobby of Koi Keeping .. is the Microscope ..

'Brunel Microscopes Ltd' - Has many years professional experience in all aspects of microscopy and specimen preparation. We stock a wide range of instruments and accessories suited to the professional and amateur microscopist, as well as educational establishments, industry and research.

We believe the Brunel Microscopes Ltd offer microscopes at the most competitive prices available. All equipment carries a full guarantee, and we will gladly refund any customer who is not fully satisfied.

As specialists in our field we have selected a range of microscopes to offer the most complete specifications possible for the inclusive price, together with the widest range of accessories to extend the capability of the instruments even further.

We are therefore able to offer the Koi Hobbyist the widest range of Microscopes to suit their purposes and their pockets .. ranging from the basic models at a price that is quite affordable - right up to those sophisticated models that can be hooked up to to a Video Recorder and Television Screen, some have camera heads attached to enable a photograph to be taken of a particular problem or parasite ..










The Winchester SP-60

We can't emphasise that point enough ..  there is little point in just watching your Koi 'flicking' off either the bottom drain, or other objects in the pond .. or watch a Koi jumping out of the water and assuming that this is being caused by Parasites ..  that may well be the case .. but 'Which Parasite'

But most budding Koi collectors see this and then rush down to the local Koi Dealer, or even worse, the Local Garden Centre .. grab armfuls of Pond and Koi medication - rush back and simply throw these dangerous treatments into the pond .. and then wonder why their Koi are not happy, or recovering, or in the worst senario .. dying ...

put it another way ... we all get sick from time to time and have to visit the doctor .. and we can't just ask for a prescription and expect we are going to get one without the doctor seeing and examining us ..  and this is exactly the same for our Koi ..  they have to rely on we mere mortals to guide them and to ensure that they are in the best of health .. and it is no good you taking a headache tablet if you don't have a headache any more than you treating your Koi for a parasite if they don't have that particular parasite you think that they have or have been told they have by that expert who has a garden pond just down the road ..

So what is the Answer and how do we identify those parasites ...  well with very few exceptions, these parasites cannot been seen with the Naked Eye and we need a microscope to be able to see and identify which particular parasite is causing the problem for your Koi ...

For the complete novice this sounds such a daunting and complex affair and they don't believe that they would be able to do this job ....  but in essence this need not be the case and I would not suggest for one moment that you rush out and buy the most expensive Microscope you can find, or that you can afford .... that does not follow at all .. 

There are many good Microscopes available from many good and 'experienced' Koi dealers in all parts of the world ..  study them and seek advise if you are unsure whether the microscopes you are wishing to look at will do the job you expect ...

In this section we present for you a superb range of 'Brunel' Microscopes .. probably one of the best known of all the manufacturers in this field and the range we present vary from the very simple and not so expensive Microscopes - right up to some of the most elaborate and sophisticated microscopes it is possible to buy ... some even have a camera attached to them to enable you to take a photograph of that parasite etc for a second opinion ..  or models that can be shown on a TV monitor and if you wish you can even take a video of those parasites ...


THE WEDMORE  - Monocular Models: (one eye piece)

This is a purpose built full size die cast metal microscope. It has a triple objective turret with achromatic objectives, which contain glass lenses that give an excellent clear image at a low budget price. Two widefield eyepieces x10 and x15, and objectives x4, x10, x40.

The x40 objective has a spring loaded front lens as a safety feature. Magnification range x40 - x500. This may be extended with additional eyepieces. Single focus control. Focus safety stop to prevent slide and objective damage.

Removable stage clips. Iris diaphragm light control. Illumination is by mirror and gimbal, with a substage lamp as an additional accessory. Dimensions 290 x 110 x 160mm Weight 2.5 Kgms.



SKU Description Price  
RM-1 Wedmore Monocular Microscope P.O.A.  

Wedmore SP Series Microscopes

The Wedmore SP series microscopes are a range of high quality, high performance instruments available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes. The robust design of these instruments is particularly suited to the rigours of education establishments and the dedicated amateur naturalist, and are Ideal for those wishing to learn about the parasites on Koi.

All Wedmore SP microscopes are equipped with RMS standard thread achromatic objectives, a full substage Abbe condenser

(N.A. 1.2)
, with iris diaphragm, filter carrier and full rack and pinion adjustment.

Quadruple objective turret. Separate coarse and fine focus controls. Square specimen stage with slide clips, which can also accommodate a mechanical specimen driver.

Illumination is by plano/concave mirror, which maybe replaced by a substage 240v (110v available), 15 watt lamp unit which provides optimum illumination at all magnifications.

Dimensions 320 x 120 x 180mm. Weight 3.5 Kgms approx.

Wedmore SP01
Achromatic objectives
x10, x40. Eyepiece x10. Stage clips.
Magnification range x100 - x400.

Wedmore SP03
Achromatic objectives
x10, x40. Eyepieces x5, x10, x12.5. Stage clips. Magnification range x50 - x500.

Full substage condenser with iris diaphragm. Mechanical stage.





SKU Description Price  
SPO-1 Wedmore Monocular Microscope P.O.A.  
SPO-3 Wedmore Monocular Microscope P.O.A.  

Wedmore SP14

Achromatic objectives
x10, x40, x100 (oil).

Eyepieces x5, x10, x12.5. Mechanical stage.

Full substage condenser iris diaphragm and filter carrier

Substage Lamp 240 & 110 volts.

Magnification range x50 - x1250.

Supplied in nice wooden case.



SKU Description Price Order
SP-14 Wedmore Monocular Microscope £158.30 + Vat in EEC Order

You may wish to purchase some Specimen Slides and Cover Slips as these are not provided with any of the Microscopes...

SKU Description Price  
SLIDE-MIC-151 Box Microscope / 50 Slides £4.38 + Vat Order
SLIPS-MIC-152 Box Microscope / 100 Cover Slips £3.20 + Vat Order


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