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Kusuri Koi Foods 'SUPERSILK'

'SUPERSILK' a totally new Concept... in Koi Foods..

A High Quality Food for Koi with 20% Silkworm Pupae added..

Supersilk Growth is a 38% high protein special formulation food, and when fed to your Koi in conjunction with good water conditions will produce superb growth.


Silkworm though expensive has long been acknowledged by Japanese breeders as the Ultimate additive for growth, colour, white skin lustre, and body shape.

Our range of of specialist Koi foods is now joined by 'SUPERSILK-20'. It contains 20% high grade dried Silkworm pupae, along with all the FPF listed inclusions and for extra Measure, 'Optimum' immunity stimulant, which is already in the Wheat Germ formula from Kusuri.

They has been formulated this unique product specifically for use in the Northern Hemisphere.

The protein level set at 38% allows feeding at any water temperature above 12C. No longer do you need to pay excessive prices for a specialist imported silkworm product.

Supersilk-20 will not leave any oily residue on the pond water and will not cloud the pond water.

  • High Grade Silkworm Pupae

  • Research proven Kusuri Klay

  • Optimum Health Enhancer

  • White Fishmeal

  • Pure Spirulina

  • Organic Garlic

  • Brewers Yeast

  • Antartic Krill

  • Seaweed Kelp

  • Essential Oils

  • Bee Propolis

  • Shrimp Meal

  • Wheat Germ

  • Soya Meal

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals


Now available in 3 sizes...1.5kg...5kg..and 15kg.....

You will be delighted with this food product ... but more importantly 'So will your Koi'

Available in Three sizes.......

Don't Forget that we also have Super Growth Paste Food...

This ultimate Fresh Koi Food encourages High Growth rate, enhances colour in the Koi and has very low waste production.

Unlike other Pastes foods that are supplied ready to use and already paste or Dough like Kusuri Paste Food comes in powder form for you to mix your self. Because Super Growth paste food is in powder for this means that unlike many other pre mixed pastes it has not gone through and heating and cooking stages, the heating and cooking stages causes a loss of nutrients for many paste foods on the market...Kusuri have maintained these nutrients which your Koi will benefit from.

When mixing up the Paste Food into the dough you can mix as much or as little as you need, once mixed you can store the paste in the refrigerator and use for upto 3 days after.

Super Growth is a high protein (63.4%) special formulation paste food, and when fed to your Koi in conjunction with good water conditions will produce superb growth. The high protein level of this food when digested by Koi, is reduced down into constituent amino acids that will produce better muscular growth and provide further energy. This high protein food is especially beneficial when fed to Koi at temperatures above 68F (20C).

Super Growth paste food will also show marked reduction in fish waste material, aiding water parameters. The high quality white fish meal in this product will also improve the base white pigmentation of the Koi. Our high protein paste food has been formulated to provide highly effective growth potential through the summer months, and should only be used at this time of year, or in a temperature controlled system.

New ! - MediKoi Balls....


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