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Koi Feeders

Koi Feeders have been in use now for many years and of course where the owner of the Koi or pond fish needs to take a break, possibly for a holiday, or work does not allow attention for long periods of time, then the Automatic Feeder is a real boon .... and ensures that the fish are fed .. and please bear in mind that it is desirable to feed a little and often rather than feeding heavy feeds perhaps once per day ..

All Feeders can be set to dispense food to the fish at various times throughout the day and at varying quantities ..

FOK Automatic Feeder .......


These are Built to a very high standard, this feeder offers air-tight freshness for your food and enables you to choose when to feed your Koi.

Designed especially for Koi pond use, with pelleted type feeds. The F.O.K feeder holds up to five kilos of food, and operates by way of a timer (supplied) and can be set to operate as few or as many times a day as required.  In addition, the duration of each feed can be set to your needs.

A nice feature of the FOK feeder is that the pellets are scattered over a varying distance and side to side.  This ensures that the fish do not rush to the same spot to feed and possibly damage themselves, as can happen at feeding times.

This FOK feeder comes complete with a 7 day timer and also the 240v to 110v transformer, that you require to run on our electricity supply.....

SKU Description


FOK-141 FOK Automatic Feeder - complete with
English 7 Day Timer & 240v - 110v Transformer
273.00 + Vat Order
FOK-155 FOK Transformer required in UK and Europe 26.39 + Vat Order
FOK-152 FOK - Spare Flicker Blades 22.66 + Vat Order



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