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Aquarline Automatic Pond Feeder.......

Aquarline feeders are a substantial piece of pond equipment that can be used Indoors and now outdoors, thanks to the new "Jacket" and "Hat" which makes the unit more resistant to the weather......

Models are available in three sizes:

  • Small 2000PFS (5 litre of pellets),
  • Medium 2000PFM (10 litre of Pellet)
  • Large 2000PFL (20 litre of Pellet)......


Each Unit Is Supplied Complete With:

  • 24Volt Timer and Separate Transformer.
  • 5mtrs Of two core Cable (However if you require longer Cable this can be obtained from your local DIY Store)
  • Full Pond Feeder Kit which consists of Flow Pipe, (Food Shoot), F-Clamp, R -Clamp and Waterproof Jacket and Hat.
About The Units....

The Aquarline Auto Pet Feeder can be used 12 months of the year or as a convenient solution for times when you are on Holiday or away from home.

The Hexagonal shaped feeder body has been manufactured in U.V Resistant ABS, PP and PC and the unit is fitted complete with a built in food agitator which provides reassurance against blockages at the top of the dispensing funnel.

Feeding small amounts at frequent intervals is scientifically known to be the best of techniques for the benefit of both fish & filtration systems, and the computerised timer with digital display allows just this. Up to 8 feeds a day over any given period are possible, and you can also control the amount of food which is been dispensed upto a maximum of 50 grams per feed. The units can be used for pellet foods upto 10mm in Diameter. Please Note we do not advise the use of food sticks with the auto feeder.

Although the feeding unit itself can be situated outdoors next to the pond the Timer needs to be housed indoors in the dry, whether you run the cable into the Garden shed or to the house is entirely your decision.

Click Here for a Wiring Diagram......

Please Note: The base of the feeder is not designed to stand in water and an E.L.C.D. must be used. Do not emerse the unit in water, to clean use a damp cloth, and ensure that the unit cannot be either knocked, or blown by the winds, into the pond - full Owners Manual's are supplied with every Feeder.

  Timer Programming.... The Easy to use Digital timer comes complete with operation instructions explaining how to set the current time, adjusting the number of meal times in a day, setting the on and off mode, Setting the days for feeding, Programming the timer and erasing and rescheduling the timer.
SKU Description RRP


AQL/F-88050 Aquarline Auto Feeder 5ltr 109.99 out of stock  
AQL/F-88100 Aquarline Auto Feeder 10ltr 119.99 out of stock  
AQL/F-88200 Aquarline Auto Feeder 20ltr 129.99 out of stock  

Carriage Will be Applied on These Feeders at 10.00 Inc VAT to UK Mainland


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