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Products From Cloverleaf........

Orange Vitamin Sticks.....

When we first opened the tub of these sticks everyone in the office said ‘wow Terry’s Chocolate Orange’!

These sticks smell absolutely gorgeous, we have looked at and sampled other orange vitamin sticks before but none has even come close to this product from Cloverleaf.

We always road test new foods on our own fish and I must say they aren’t daft and will only take what really appeals to them, then sometimes after some encouragement and several tries, but they all went wild for these sticks the minute they hit the water…………

It’s a high quality floating stick containing real fruit & Vitamin C plus Vitamin A
A treat with a difference, it can be fed alone as a treat or mixed in with your normal food. With its natural attractors it is also ideal for encouraging sick, lethargic or fussy fish to eat. Also it may help new comers settle to eating more quickly.

Cloverleaf Orange and Vitamin Stick Content:

Ingredients include rice flour, soybean meal, fish meal, ground dried oranges, brewers yeast, riboflavin supplement, vitamin B12, spirulina etc.

Use anytime above 15C

Customers Please Note Cloverleaf Orange Sticks are not ideal for Small Fish & Goldfish due to the size of the pellet....



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