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Tetra Pond Flakes

TetraPond Sterlet Sticks

Sterlets have different biology to other carp like fish which means that they have different nutritional needs.


Some key differences between the needs of sterlets and other pond fish include:

  • Intolerance of high carbohydrate levels, which are generally quite high in normal pond diets.
  • A narrow oesophagous (throat) which makes it harder for them to readily accept normal sticks and pellets.
  • A natural diet consisting of nutrient-rich foods such as crustaceans, insect larvae and molluscs, as opposed to the more omnivorous diet enjoyed by other pond fish.
TetraPond Sterlet Sticks
Because of these differences, Tetra's Sterlet Sticks have been formulated just for sturgeon and sterlets, and not for any other fish. They have been extensively tested to ensure they deliver a diet that keeps these fish in optimal health and condition, both internally and externally. Some key features of the diet are:
  • Small, sinking sticks to meet physical feeding requirements of sterlets.
  • Low carbohydrate level to avoid liver degeneration.
  • Increased and correctly balanced protein and oil levels to reflect natural diet.
  • Low waste formula to ensure good health with minimal water pollution.





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