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'MediKoi' - The New Food From N.T.Labs



N.T.Labs has been a leading name in pond products such as medications and water treatment for many years and now they have brought out their own range of "Health Food" for fish, MediKoi.

MediKoi Food is now been used by thousands of people all over the world,

From those who keep the humble gold fish to those fish keepers of prize Koi Carp……..

The MediKoi range should be used to help maintain resistance of fish to disease and to ensure colours have good definition, depth and strength.

The MediKoi food comes with a large variety in it's range allowing you to put you fish on a healthy diet all year round...

MediKoi is available in two pellet sizes

MediKoi Junior - 3mm Pellet

MediKoi 6mm Pellet

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MediKoi Health Food

MediKoi Health Food is used to improve the immune system of the fish. It contains Natural herbs which maintain resistance form a variety of infections, Propolis which enables a speedy recovery after infection and Stimune which helps to fight off infections.

It is easy to eat, and the herbal formula aids with digestion of the food.

To get the best from the MediKoi Health it is recommended that you feed "health" for the first three weeks followed  by two weeks on "MediKoi Growth". This will help the immunity of the fish to become greater each time MediKoi "Health" is returned to their diet.


MediKoi Staple  


Perfect for Every Day Feeding
May be used as second food with Medikoi Health in regime feeding
Highly Digestible Complete Diet for all pond fish
Perfect for everyday feeding for colour enhancement or in use with Health as regime for maximum Health and Colour



MediKoi Growth

MediKoi Growth has been produced to enhance the growth of the fish and reducing the amount of waste produced. Protein is a main source of growth and MediKoi Growth contains a 40% Protein level which has been matched with a high oil content, 7.3% which is used to provide a source of energy to the fish. With such a digestible formula more of this food is metabolized meaning less waste. MediKoi Growth should only be added to the diet during the warmer months and should only be fed when the water temperature is above 12 c (Degrees Centigrade). For best results use in conjunction with the MediKoi "Health" programme.



MediKoi Wheatgerm With Garlic

As we all know Garlic is a scent or repelling in humans, this is also the same in fish. MediKoi Wheatgerm with Garlic has been formulated to protect fish from parasites. When the fish consumes the food it diffuses the volatile oils form the garlic through it's skin to the mucus layer. Any parasites that are living on the mucus layer of the fish when the compounds are dispensed will react by swimming away from them leaving a parasite free, happy fish.

Fish are more prone to parasites in the  spring when the temperatures start to rise again, but Wheatgerm with garlic is not only essential in Spring but can be fed all year around if Growth and beauty of the fish is not your concern.



MediKoi Sturgeon Food



Medikoi Sturgeon contains only the most digestible fish proteins, providing the correct proportions of vitamins, minerals and oils to ensure your sturgeon receive the best nutritionally balanced food available. Other species of fish in your pond will also find Medikoi Sturgeon highly palatable.




Medikoi Silkworm



Silkworm Pupae is ideal to supplement your Koi's diet in warm summer temperatures, however it is important to give the fish a "Rest" form the intense growing to help avoid the possibility of cancers and other problems developing.




Medikoi Probiotic


Medikoi Probiotic is a multi-season food, scientifically formulated to significantly improve digestion and nutrient uptake resulting in very low waste and an all round improvement in colour, growth and health. The highest quality ingredients in Medikoi Probiotic make the food extremely palatable and digestible.





Also Available in the MediKoi Range the
MediKoi Balls




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