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 N.T.Labs - MediKoi Balls

An Exciting Way To Treat Those Koi....

MediKoi Balls are available in two "Flavours" - MediKoi Shrimp balls which are made purely of shrimp or MediKoi Mixed balls which consist of Worm, Shrimp and Snail.

MediKoi Balls can be fed to your Koi as a treat they are a high protein "Fun" food that is designed to accelerate growth and energise your fish. MediKoi balls have also being specifically designed for any size pond fish, even the tiddlers can have some....

How They Work...

MediKoi Balls are packed together solid, just like a "Fat Ball" for the birds, however when they are placed on the surface of the pond they float allowing them to re-hydrate, softening the ball allowing food particles to be torn from the ball by the fish....

This is the energising part, the fish will have a frantic feeding frenzy, Chasing the ball around the ponds surface.

SKU Description


MKB-600 MediKoi Balls - Shrimp (Contains 6 Balls) 5.25 + Vat Order



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