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We do also have another alternative, in that of a Battery Powered Electric Fence ...  a real solution to the problem and not only will it keep the Herons away .. that neighbours cat will not return again...

For Another Solution to the problem - see link below ....

Drivall Silent Pond Protector Kit.

GD PROPP: All the components you need for the average garden pond with easy to follow instructions. You can put up the single strand electric fence in less than 20 minutes.

The kit includes:

  • 1 battery powered electric fencer.
  • 1 x 50 metre reel of green polywire.
  • 10 green fibreglass posts.
  • 10 spring clips for posts.
  • 1 earth stake for electric fencer.
  • 2 long-life batteries providing power for up to 8 weeks continuous use.
  • Warning sign.

Extra polywire and fibreglass posts can be supplied to extend the fence up to a maximum distance of 800 metres. Please email us with your additional requirements and we will quote the costs etc for you... <>

Protect your Valuable Koi and other pond fish with this easy to install battery powered Electric Fence ... you will be amazed how good it really is and be glad you installed one - think about your own peace of mind ... install one this weekend .. and order your's now ...

SKU Description


ElecFence-01 Drivall - Electric Fence Pond Kit .. 108.08 + Vat Order
ElecFence-02 Additional Fence Posts - sold in singles 1.27 + Vat Order
ElecFence-03 Pkt of 10 Spring clips 2.40 + Vat Order

Heron Replica's ..

These life like replica Herons have been around for many years and can be seen in many gardens working as a deterrent to the ever invading Herons .. some laugh at them whilst others swear by them ...

It is thought that because the Heron is a loan worker and territorial - that the mere sight of seeing a heron (albeit a dummy one) stood at the side of the pond will deter that Heron from investigating the pond further ..

Probably worth a try if you have tried everything else ..



SKU Description


Heron - Oase Heron Replica - Heron deterrent  12.99  + Vat Order

New...Stay Away....

The Stay Away has a small motion sensor which when activated by your unwanted guest or your precious pet will release a short burst of air and a warning sound.

The Stay Away can be used as a quick, effective and humane way to keep any unwanted animals from your keep your pets safe from areas they shouldn't go...

The Stay Away can detect an animal upto 1mtr and has detection rays of 70 degrees...

Running On 4 X AAA Batteries (not supplied) the Mini ScareCrow does not need to be plugged in and each canister holds over 200 sprays....Depending on how many visitors the system deters will determine how often you need a replacement canister.....

Replacement canisters can be purchased separately.....

SKU Description


ScarCmini-Stayaway Stay Away 31.06 + Vat Order
ScarCmini-Stayaway-refill Refill Canister For Stay Away 12.72 + Vat Order

NOW - Stop Those Cats...


Guardian Pest Deterrents Cat Stop
Keeps cats out of your flowers, garden or anywhere you don't want them to be.

It's easy to use. Place the unit facing the area you want to protect. The built-in motion sensor detects the animal entering the area and emits a piercing, high decibel alarm. It startles the cat and frightens it away.

Since the sound is ultrasonic you and your neighbours cannot hear. It is also effective on dogs, squirrels and other small animals.

Operates for up to 9 months on one standard 9 volt battery.

Area it covers:- up to 30 sqm / 25 sq yards - 80 viewing angle

Inaudible to birds.

SKU Description


CatStop Drivall - Cat Stop - pest deterrent kit 40.85 + Vat Order

Lovely Koi Ornaments and Gift Ware


Please contact us if we can help in any matter <>