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China Ornaments - Genuine Japanese....

Again we try to bring you something different and provide ideas for that unusual present for a loved one - or perhaps for your own collection ..

Each piece is hand crafted and hand painted by Japanese artists ...

You can select your Favourite Koi - even a set of them...

Or perhaps you may care for the Traditional Table Ware such as the Noodle Bowls, cups or plates ..

Whatever you choose you can be sure that the person you are buying it for will be delighted with their present and it will, we are sure take pride of place on the mantelpiece or wall ..

Noodle Bowl and Cup Set

Nicely presented and nice to have ... and
more of a pleasure to receive

Decorated with the most popular Koi Varieties

In nice presentation box ..

SKU: ORN-506 Price 12.85 + Vat

SKU Description


ORN-506 Single Noodle Bowl and Cup 12.85 + Vat Order

Single Plate - Complete with Stand

One of the most popular of all with our customers
is this beautifully decorated Plate - which undoubtedly will always be a talking point and take pride of place within the home.

32cm Diameter

SKU: ORN-501 Price 35.69 + Vat


SKU Description


ORN-501 Single Plate 32cm Diameter 35.69 + Vat Order
Last but not least - something for the Smoker

A beautifully decorated Ashtray

18cm diameter

SKU: ORN-512 Price 18.59

SKU Description


ORN-512 Ceramic Ashtray 18cm 18.59 + Vat Order

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