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Handling Nets

Imported Nets With Hardwood Handles

These New Nets with real Hardwood Handles are simply superb .. the only word for them .. superb ..

These are we believe Chinese Copies of the Japanese ones that have been popular with Koi enthusiasts for so many years .. for the simple reason, 'they never wear out and never need replacing...

Well these New Nets have very similar specifications - in that these will not wear out and therefore will last a lifetime ..


Exceptionally Strong

The secret of these New Nets - like those famous Japanese Ones, is that the actual net does not come over the outer ring - but is secured internally and lashed to the frame - and this is why you will be so pleased with these nets..  no more replacement nets to buy and fit to your old net frame .. as these will not, under normal use, wear out ..

There are just three in the size range - a 24" Net Head on a 84" Hardwood Handle - and then two smaller ones ideally suitable for those small pond, tanks and quarantine tanks - a 14" Net Head on a 36" Hardwood Handle and a smaller one a 12" Net Head on a 24" Hardwood Handle ...

If you are not totally delighted with these Nets then we will happily refund you the full purchase price, providing the Net and Handle are in the same condition you received them in ..  that's how confident we are with this range of Nets ..

SKU Description


AQUA-61960 20" Net on 60" Hardwood Handle 69.95 + Vat Order
AQUA-61924 12" Net on 24" Hardwood Handle 22.95 + Vat Order

Plus Post & Packing on UK mainland  - Overseas shipping notified prior to shipping


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