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Handling Nets

Of course one essential piece of equipment has to be a Net to enable you to catch your Koi, quickly and safely without causing too much stress and damage to the Koi itself ..

Generally, but of course it does depend on the size of your own pond, the largest net head you can manage with is always going to be the best bet .. but it should be stressed that the larger the net head is then the harder it is to move the net through the water - as the larger the net head the larger is the drag on the net ...

A note on the handle or pole that is of course, part of the net ..  and it is very important that when you do choose a net that you pay attention to the handle .. this has to be strong enough to not only drag the net head through the water, which in its own right, puts tremendous strain on the handle, but it has to be strong enough to hold the Koi safely once you have netted it ... 

The handle can be either Wood or Aluminum that does not matter .. but ensure that there are no sharp protrusions on either the handle, or of course the Net Head itself .. If there are then leave them alone and shop somewhere else ..

Because of the massive variety there are - we at The East Riding Koi Co choose only the very best of all the nets that are available to us and the nets that we personally feel represent the very best value and those that will give years of fair wear and tear ...  Our range is quite extensive and we are continually looking to add to our range of nets providing they meet with our own criteria ..

We are proud to be able to offer a full range of Garry Bourne nets and handles - some have that popular click fitting to enable the net head to be detached, replaced, or to enable the pole to be used to hold another implement such as a brush, a hoover head etc - others have only one purpose - to catch Koi and other pond fish safely and efficiently ..

The Garry Bourne range of nets are available in many size and are produced in both the most popular net structures ..

One of our other choices for good strong reliable nets we have chosen for you is a relative 'New Comer' the K.N.S. net range .. a range we were most impressed with from the moment we first saw them in the Spring of 2002. Again these are produced in a good high quality materials and there is a good selection through the range, which we are sure will increase over time.

Our final choice in the Nets has to be probably the finest nets in the world - and I do not mean to be unkind to the two manufacturers who's goods we have also chosen to offer to our customers - but these Japanese Nets really will always take some beating - but of course having to be imported means that the Japanese Nets are the most expensive - but are the real and only choice for the discerning Koi enthusiast ..

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